Month-end closing in TimePunch

In TimePunch it’s possible to perform a month-end closing. But what is this exactly.

For every employee and user of TimePunch at least one, but most time more, time entries are recorded. Using the month-end closing those time entries can be separated on business side and technical from the active dataset. This has functional and technical advantages.

Business advantages: The already recorded and approved time-entries can’t be amended afterwards accidentally or deliberately by the user. They are audit proof save.

Technical advantages: The flexible working hours are going to be calculated from the month-end closing date with those base data. If never a month-end closing takes place, the calculation will start from the very first entry. This can have negative influence of the overall application performance.

In both cases a month-end closing is therefore wanted and should be the ritual on the first workday of a new month.

There are two possibilities to perform the month-end closing.

  1. The user can do the month-end closing by it’s own in TimePunch
  2. Menu: Extras -> month-end closing …

  3. The management can do the month-end closing in TimePunch Profiles
  4. Select a user -> right mouse click -> month-end closing …

In both cases the following dialog will be shown:

In order to perform a month-end closing, the month that shall be closed, needs to be choosen from the drop-down list.

If time entries shall be amended, that are already in a closed month, all months needs to be opened until that date. Therefore a month has to be choosen that is prior to that of the date that shall be amended. E.g. if an entry in June 2013 shall be amended, the month-end needs to be set back to May 2013.

The months can also be unlocked completly, but this is no proposal, because in that case all months gets re-calculated.

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