TimePunch v3.5


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_3.5.126.1.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server350/TpAppServer_3.5.116.0.exe

Finally it’s time: TimePunch 3.5 is online!

The following features were implemented in the management module:

  • FS#920 – New booking type – on-call service
    As of this version, it is possible to book a new time entry with the on-call service booking type. The on-call time can be calculated as a percentage of the working time. For example, if 8 hours and 25% are calculated, 2 hours are booked for the employee as working time. It is also possible to export to DATEV and Lexware.

  • .
  • FS#590 – Multiple day entries without start and end time
    Now it is also possible to book several-day time entries, e.g. for vacation or illness with the pure duration (e.g. 1 day or half a day). This makes the system less sensitive to changes in the employee’s working time model.

  • FS#998 – Overwrite the used wage type
    The wage type used for export for DATEV and Lexware can now be explicitly overwritten in the activity. This also makes it possible to use your own wage types that are not defined in TimePunch – for example, for special activities that are remunerated specifically.

  • FS#996 – New field “Additional employee information”
    A new free text field for additional employee information exists in the employee profile. Here you can enter employee data that would otherwise not fit into any other field.

  • FS#995 – Breakdown of paid overtime hours by individual months
    When overtime is paid, TimePunch now displays the months in which the employee paid overtime. This information is of particular interest to the tax consultant, who must assign the paid hours to the individual months.

  • FS#983 – Export interface to diamond software for exporting operating data
    As of version 3.5, TimePunch can export operating data to diamond software. So the booked times can be used directly in diamond software for invoicing.

  • FS#966 – Record time entries with duration only
    Previously it was only possible to enter time entries with a start and end time. In the current version it is also possible to record time entries with the pure working time. This simplifies the recording especially in the service sector.

  • FS#886 – Invoiced time entries should no longer be changeable
    Time entries that have already been flagged as billed may no longer be changed with the current version. This prevents times that have already been billed from being overwritten accidentally.

  • FS#999 – Continued payment for wage earners (13 weeks average)
    The continued payment of wages for wage earners was also extended to include bookings for illness and public holidays.

The following features have been implemented in the Cutter module:

  • FS#969 – Pause calculation in accordance with the law (configurable)
    In the current version, the cutter distinguishes between two calculation methods for mandatory breaks. In the simplified variant, all working times of the current day are used to calculate the mandatory break. In the variant according to the German Working Time Act, care is taken to ensure that the break is taken within the 6-hour working time. This means that if an employee takes a 30-minute break after the 7th hour, an additional 30 minutes are deducted.

  • FS#918 – recovery break from 15 minutes, or adjustable
    According to the German Working Time Act, a break is only regarded as a rest break after 15 minutes. Breaks during this time are purely work interruptions and therefore do not contribute to the employee’s recovery. Accordingly, breaks below the set time are not counted as mandatory breaks. Thus e.g. smoker breaks can be distinguished from the obligation break.

  • FS#970 – Default framework working time model
    A new installation automatically generates a framework working time model that complies with legal requirements.

In addition many other minor problems have been fixed and corrected.

  • FS#383 – Add duration – not the end time
  • FS#619 – Cutter logs changes from locked months
  • FS#854 – Edit start and end not possible in Spanish format
  • FS#888 – Cutter does not consider projects without selected activity
  • FS#957 – General activities are not considered in the cutter
  • FS#967 – New overview ‘Documentation’ in the Application Server
  • FS#972 – Display booking type on-call service in calendar in color
  • FS#981 – Validation problem when requesting leave
  • FS#997 – Duplicate pause entry when using the server
  • Improved performance when accessing Microsoft Access databases
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TimePunch Patch 3.4.429.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.4 fixes some minor problems that occurred during different installations.

The following new features have been implemented:

  • FS#959 – New holiday for Berlin: “International Women’s Day”

    In Berlin, 8 March was set as International Women’s Day on 24 January 2019 as a public holiday. After this update, the new holiday will be visible for the federal state of Berlin from 2019.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#965 – Edit time entries with deleted activity

    An error has been fixed that overwrites the task of the time entry if it has already been deleted from the project. This occurred whenever the project dialog was opened from the time entry with a deleted activity.

  • FS#958 – Calculation of the hours quota for new projects without time entry

    The calculation of the hourly quota was incorrect for new projects without an existing time entry. TimePunch threw an error, that there is no more time quota available.

  • FS#961 – The selected activity is lost in the Watcher from time to time

    The activity set in the TimePunch Watcher was lost from time to time after a break. This problem should now be solved.

Important:The new holiday in Berlin requires a database update after installation

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TimePunch v3.4


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_3.4.407.0.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server340/TpAppServer_3.4.327.0.exe

Finally the time has come: TimePunch 3.4 is online!

The following features have been implemented on the web frontend:

  • FS#910 – Smartphone optimized page of the TimePunch Application Server

    The website of the Application Server has been optimized for the smartphone in this release. It thus offers an ideal introduction to the existing TimePunch modules.

  • FS#909 – Smartphone optimized page of the module self-disclosure

    The website of the self-disclosure module was also optimized for the smartphone. Every employee can now also get mobile information about his or her working hours.

The following features have been implemented in the Management Module:

  • FS#952 – New category “not billable”

    Starting with version 3.4, each time entry can also be marked as “not billable” in TimePunch. Times that are marked as “not billable” are displayed in the corresponding billing-relevant reports without an invoice amount.

  • FS#950 – Export of wage data to Lexware wage+salary

    The working hours, additional times and salaries of the employees can now be exported not only for DATEV, but also for direct import into LEXWARE.

  • FS#949 – Prevent projects with a time limit from being overbooked (optional)

    With a project setting, it can now be prevented that the target times stored in the project can be overbooked by the employees. Employees can thus be prevented from booking projects over the assigned target time.

  • FS#948 – Implementing the holiday editor in TimePunch Management

    The holiday editor is implemented in the management module with this release. The separate program for editing public holidays is therefore no longer necessary and is no longer part of TimePunch.

  • FS#291 – Internet calendar integration option

    TimePunch now has the possibility to import Internet calendars (e.g. from Google) directly. Thus, other country holidays can also be made available more quickly and used in TimePunch.

  • FS#937 – New report: birthday list

    In TimePunch there is a new report in version 3.4 which shows the birthdays of all employees in a birthday list.

  • FS#924 – New report: Holiday overview for the whole year

    Since version 3.4 a new vacation overview has been added, with which the annual vacation of all employees is clearly displayed on a DIN A3 sheet. With the export function to PDF, the report can also be printed on DIN A4.

  • FS#780 – Report customization: Vacation days in report users/projects/distribution

    Report “Users/Projects/Distribution” now also contains the vacation days posted to a project.

The following features have been implemented in the Calendar module:

  • FS#908 – holiday replacement in calendar module fixed adjustable

    To make it easier to apply for leave, each employee can enter a permanent representative in his or her profile. This substitute is then always used as standard for leave requests.

  • FS#906 – Display the number of vacation days in the calendar mails

    The number of vacation days is sent with all relevant mails so that all participants in the vacation workflow can immediately see how many working days the employee wants to take vacation.

  • FS#901 – Display of previous approvals

    What is new now is that all previous applications can be viewed with rejection or approval by the respective approver. This gives the approver an even better overview of all applications and previous approvals.

  • FS#860 – Force holiday replacement

    From version 3.4 it is now also possible to force a holiday replacement when applying. Thus, an application can only be made if a substitution has been entered in the application.

  • FS#729 – Set administration for vacation cancellation in CC

    If an employee withdraws an already approved leave, not only the supervisor but also the personnel office is now informed, if a corresponding email address has been stored in the settings.

  • FS#693 – Set the number of displayed rows in the table

    The number of table lines displayed can now be set in the calendar settings.

  • FS#636 – Mail to representative if the request was approved

    If a representative has been deposited in the leave request, the representative will also receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as the leave has been approved.

  • FS#626 – Distinction between “weekend” and “day off”

    In the calendar, “weekends” and “days off” are now marked with a different color. This makes it easier to distinguish between the two types of absence.

The following problems have been fixed in the Calendar module:

  • FS#700 – New booking type “Absent” must be displayed in calendar.

    Time postings with the posting type “Absent” are now also displayed in color in the calendar.

  • FS#943 – Incorrect display in group calendar for half a holiday day

    The representation of half vacation days on days with an entered half holiday was corrected in the current version.

  • FS#883 – calendar can only be scrolled 1 month further

    When applying for leave, the monthly calendar can now be moved more than one month into the future.

  • FS#832 – The calendar does not consider smoking breaks

    The calendar now ignores smoking breaks and displays the entry of the current day correctly.

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TimePunch v3.3


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_3.3.314.1.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server330/TpAppServer_3.3.314.1.exe

Finally it’s time: TimePunch 3.3 is online!

The following features have been implemented:

  • FS#902 – Lock the account in case of multiple incorrect password inputs

    Starting with this version, the server has a new security feature that takes effect when a user tries to log on to the server as administrator with the wrong password several times in a row.

    In this case, the administration access is blocked and can only be activated via a confirmation link sent by the server to the deposited administrator.

    For more information see page 8 – Blocking the administration access (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#840 – Notification if a module update is available

    The application server checks daily for new module updates of TimePunch from this version on. If a new update is available, an information mail is sent to the email address stored in the application server. This facilitates the administration of the server.

    For more information see page 23 – Update check (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#836 – Login to administration from local network only

    Since more and more customers are using TimePunch via the Internet, we have added an option to protect the administration of the server against unwanted access via the Internet. In the future, it will only be possible to administer the server via the Internet with an explicit option.

    By default, the server only offers logon to the administration interface in the internal company network.

    For more information see page 24 – Login to application server (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#835 – Mails with successful login on the administration page

    In order to directly detect unauthorized access to the administration side of TimePunch, the current version of Application Sever has the option of notifying the legitimate administrator immediately as soon as a user logs on to the administration side of TimePunch.

    This allows unauthorized access to be directly detected and tracked.

    For more information see page 24 – Login to the application server (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#824 – Prompt when resetting the password

    In the current version, when resetting the password using the link “I forgot my password”, a security feature has been added that prevents employees from accidentally resetting the password of other employees.

    Before the password is actually reset, an email is sent to the employee concerned. The employee must first confirm the link contained in the email before the password is reset for him or her.

  • FS#823 – Integrated Windows Authentication

    TimePunch now also supports Windows integrated logon via the Active Directory. This means that employees within the company network are now automatically logged on to TimePunch Management and all TimePunch web modules without having to enter a separate password.

    For more information see page 20 – Automatic login with the help of the integrated Windows authentication (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#820 – Module login without selection list of employees

    As a further security feature the possibility was implemented to have to log in directly via the user name. This prevents the suggestion list of employee names when typing in the first letters and thus the tapping of employee names by potential attackers. This option is useful if the server can be reached via the Internet.

    For more information see page 24 – TimePunch employee login (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

The following errors have been fixed:

  • FS#912 – Calculation of continued pay

    There were inconsistencies in the calculation of continued pay in special cases because overtime was not correctly included in the calculation. This problem has been solved in the current version.

  • FS#905 – Customer assignment during project import does not work

    If a customer reference was set in Excel for the projects to be imported, it was ignored when the data was imported. This problem is now solved.

  • FS#903 – click on the watcher icon does not open the watcher

    Due to an unfavourable arrangement of the Windows windows, the TimePunch Watcher became partially invisible when clicking on the icon of the TimePunch Watchers. This problem is corrected with the current version.

  • FS#900 – Exception: System.NullReferenceException

    In the TimePunch Watcher an exception error may have occurred. This was fixed in the current version.

  • FS#893 – DATEV export need automatic post calculation of monthly data

    To ensure that the export database to DATEV is always up-to-date, an automatic recalculation of the times is triggered in the current version before the export.

  • FS#831 – Module change not only in the App Server, but in all modules

    In the current version of TimePunch, it is possible to switch to other TimePunch modules installed on the server in each module. This was previously only possible via the detour of the application server.

  • FS#827 – automatic re-login

    The individual web modules of TimePunch now have an improved session handling, which automatically detects the course of a session and automatically forwards the user to the login page. This prevents errors caused by expired sessions.

  • FS#642 – Logon to new module destroyed or session of first module

    In the previous version of TimePunch only one module could be opened at a time. The start of the second module caused problems in the first module. This behavior was corrected. In the future, all modules can be opened and used multiple times by all employees.

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TimePunch Release v3.2.602.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.2 fixes minor issues that have occurred in various installations.

The following problems have been fixed:

  • FS#898 – Integrated Windows Security and SSL

    Automatic login via Integrated Windows Security did not work correctly with the management module, the watcher and the Datafox module if the API was switched to SSL. This problem has now been solved.

  • FS#894 – Timeout at the autostart of TimePunch Watcher

    When the Watcher is started, employees are sometimes shown errors that prevent TimePunch from being started again. The problem could be traced back to a timeout that was fixed in the current patch.

  • FS#891 – Error quitting the watcher before logging in

    If the watcher was stopped before the employee actually logged on, an error message was also displayed. This problem has now also been solved.

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TimePunch Patch 3.2.421.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.2 fixes minor issues that have occurred in various installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Inconsistent database

    If several employees had the “Update” dialog open and the database was updated several times, the database went into an inconsistent state. With this patch, this problem is a thing of the past.

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TimePunch Patch 3.2.404.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.2 fixes minor issues that have occurred in various installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Overall stability improvements

    This fix contains stability improvements in all Windows Clients of TimePunch.

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TimePunch Patch 3.2.329.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.2 fixes minor issues that have occurred in various installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Employee selection in project reports

    The selection of employees was restricted in the original version of TimePunch 3.2, or not functional, since only the employee currently logged on was displayed. This problem has now been solved.

  • Applying the report filter

    The report filter set in TimePunch was not fully applied to a report. This problem has been resolved, especially with regard to the selected tasks. When tasks are filtered in TimePunch, this filter is also applied to a newly opened report.

  • FS#839 – DATEV Lodas Export – Extrapolation may not contain surcharges

    To ensure better transparency for the payment of wages to employees, times relevant to bonuses are only exported for months that have already elapsed.
    This prevents overtime etc. from being paid in the extrapolation, which will need to be corrected in the following month.

  • Revised error handling in TimePunch Watcher

    The error handling in TimePunch Watcher has been revised. This means that in case of a program error TimePunch handles it better and does not crash or get stuck.

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TimePunch v3.2.325.2



TimePunch 3.2 is finally online!

The following Features have been implemented:

  • FS#828 – New Report “GDPR-Information Sheet”

    A new report “GDPR GDPR-Information Sheet” has been implemented in order to fulfil the obligation to provide information to employees. This contains information stored in TimePunch about each employee, concentrated on two pages.

    More information on page 70 – GDPR-Information Sheet (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#830 – Possibility to delete data after a period of time

    The administrator or data protection officer can now delete employees’ time data from TimePunch after X years. TimePunch offers the possibility to delete data for historical employee data.

    More information on page 71 – Perform GDPRdata deletion (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#829 – New role “Data Protection Officer” in TimePunch

    In TimePunch a new role was created, which will be the “Data Protection Officer”. The data protection officer has read access to all data within TimePunch. He can thus check compliance with the deletion deadlines and order data deletion, as well as execute the corresponding reports of the GDPR.

    More information on page 73 – Role of the Data Protection Officer (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#878 – Enable project booking via Datafox Terminal

    Project bookings can also be made via the Datafox terminal with version 3.2. However, this requires a special device setup adapted to the customer. Optionally, a barcode reader connected to the terminal is also supported.

    If you are interested in this possibility, please send us a short message to support@timepunch-info.de

  • FS#879 – Support of a barcode reader in TimePunch Studio

    The TimePunch Studio module has been extended so that a connected barcode reader can be used for project booking. For this purpose, each master data record (employee, project, activity and customer) can be stored with a booking code and then scanned and booked via a barcode reader in TimePunch Studio.

    More information on page 74 – Booking code(TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#805 – No creation of projects/activities when importing time data

    This option prevents accidental creation of projects and/or activities when importing CSV time data.

    More information on page 107 – Employee settings (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#806 – Free text field “Further billing modalities”

    In the project master data in the ” Accounting ” tab, another multiline free text field with the name “further accounting modalities” has been inserted. This can be used to record special project modalities. By default, the field is not used in any integrated report. However, it can be used to create customer-specific reports.

    More information on page 42 – Account-relevant data (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#823 – Integrated Windows authentication

    In version 3.2 of TimePunch, the client modules can work together with the integrated Windows authentication. This allows a user to log in to TimePunch without entering a password. This works in the current version only with the Windows clients. We are currently working on a solution for the corresponding web modules.

    More information on page 15 – Authentication(TimePunch-Client-3.2-de.pdf)

  • FS#821 – Use of the external Windows State Service

    To prevent the problem of an early session timeout, the session state information is now kept in the external Windows State Service. This enables, for example, the use of the presence list on a pure display device, e.g. a wall monitor in the lounge.

  • FS#838 – Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg get a new holiday

    Customers in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg will receive Reformation Day on October 31 as a regular holiday from 2018. The holidays will be added with this year’s update.

  • FS#850 – Project list contains no projects that cannot be booked

    In TimePunch, the problem was that projects that could not be booked were not listed in the “Project List” report. This affected projects for which the “Project cannot be booked” option was activated or to which no active employees were assigned. This problem has now been solved.

  • FS#868 – The need to change the password must be dispensed with

    The need to reassign the password as soon as the user name was changed often led to misunderstandings in the past. With version 3.2 it is no longer necessary to change the password if the user name is changed.

  • FS#880 – Integration of the Austrian Regions

    The Austrian regions are now integrated into TimePunch as standard. The change does not affect existing databases, but only applies to the creation of a new TimePunch database. This was chosen for compatibility with existing installations.

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TimePunch Patch 3.0.1122.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.0 eliminates minor issues that have occurred in different installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#870 – Incorrect overtime calculation for vacation and 13 week average

    An error occurred when calculating overtime

    a) if the employee works on an “hourly rate”
    b) and in the options “final vacation pay for wage earners corresponds to the average earnings of the last 13 weeks”.
    c) and the wage payment has been stored with a fixed number of hours.

    In this case, the difference between target time and average earnings was not added to overtime. This can lead to a changed overtime calculation for the above case.

    The problem is solved with the current patch.

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