TimePunch Patch v3.0.812.1



The first patch for TimePunch 3.0 eliminates minor issues that have occurred in different installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Report Generation Performance
    Performance had deteriorated extremely during the reporting process when using local MDB databases. This issue is resolved with the current patch.
  • Import of project Data
    When you import projects. CSV files, the start and end dates have not been correctly taken into account. The import has been corrected with the current patch.
  • Crash on New Installation
    If TimePunch v 3.0 was installed on a completely new PC, then there was an error message if the watcher was started before the client. This problem has been resolved.
  • Problem when exporting to DATEV Lodas
    If the fiscal year in TimePunch does not start at the beginning of January but, for example, already in December, the working hours during export to DATEV Lodas were not posted to the correct cost points. This issue is resolved with the current patch.
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TimePunch v3.0



TimePunch 3.0 is finally online!

The following Features have been implemented:

  • For the modules TimePunch Watcher“, “TimePunch Studio” and “TimePunch Management” you no longer need a separate installation – with TimePunch 3.0 you can use the individual modules anytime and anywhere over the TimePunch Application Server.
  • To make staff management even easier for you, team and department managers are now allowed to directly access the employees working hours. They don’t have to use the reports anymore.
  • With TimePunch 3.0, holidays can also be represented as a regular working day. This makes it possible to record the hours normally, even on public holidays.
  • In order to better reflect the reality for the project management, with TimePunch 3.0 project managers no longer have the right to change all projects. They are assigned to their projects and can only edit them.
  • Reports no longer need to be reinstalled after a patch update.


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TimePunch Management v2.95.1229.0



TimePunch 3.0 is in the starting blocks! But before the new version goes online on 08.01.2018, we have fixed a few bugs of the current version with our latest patch 2.95.

The patch fixes the following problems:

  • FS#767 – Report holiday overview does show half days of vacation incorrectly

    In the holiday overview report, half holidays were sometimes incorrectly reported. This bug has been fixed – in the latest patch, even half-days are listed without errors.

  • FS#768 – Export to Excel with annual leave and sick leave report.

    Die The annual leave and sick leave reports have been revised to export only the data (without headers and footers). This will allow you to filter and postprocess the cells in Excel in the future.

  • FS#774 – Grouping and summation DATEV Lodas

    The export to DATEV Lodas has been simplified. In the future, you can group time entries by wage type and add up the times. This makes it easier for you to check the working hours which are imported in DATEV.

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TimePunch Management v2.95.1115.0



Following features have been added:

  • FS#765 – Employees should be able to reassign break entries

    With the option “Employees can allocate new breaks” in the “Internals” tab of the Extras/Options dialog, employees with standard rights can now also be authorized to allocate registered breaks and to book them for a project.

  • FS#764 – Print sequence for flextime account daily report

    The print order has been adjusted to match the flexitime reports. The personnel number and the name of the employee are used as sort criteria.

The following issues have been fixed in the patch:

  • FS#766 – Daily working time report

    The report now also shows sick leave and vacation as working hours for permanent employees. The number of working hours displayed in the TimePunch analysis therefore corresponds to the number of working hours displayed.

  • FS#763 – Missing time compensation with automatic overtime payout

    The automatic calculation of paid hours now takes into account the special case that absenteeism compensation can exceed the defined overtime limit.

  • FS#751 – Synchronization with new booking types

    With the previous synchronization, new booking types such as unpaid sickness or absence could not yet be transmitted. With the new version, these booking types can also be synced.

  • FS#748 – Display of common tasks in the Watcher

    Common tasks are now hidden in the watcher, if this has been defined in the project. This setting has been ignored by the watcher so far.

  • FS#744 – Job termination

    If an employee is dismissed, the working time model is first set to 0 hours one day after the dismissal. Previously, the time was identical to that of the termination – one day too early.

  • FS#699 – Watcher starts after a holiday with vacation

    After an employee’s vacation, the Watcher now starts the last working time project. This distinction is new. Before that, the Watcher started with a holiday booking after the vacation.

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TimePunch Management v2.95.1008.0



Following features have been added:

  • FS#737- mathematical rounding => employer-friendly rounding

    The mathematical rounding of time stamping times in TimePunch TEN has been changed to an employer-friendly rounding.

  • FS#738 – Waiting period for check-in and check-out times

    In order to implement an employee-friendly regulation if desired, it was possible to specify a waiting period. If the employee logs on or off within this time, the logon or logoff time is rounded to his or her favor.

The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

  • Several spelling mistakes have been fixed.
  • TimePunch now links to the current documentation v2.95 instead of v2.90.
  • The calculation of working days for reporting has been corrected. The public holidays in reporting were added to this.
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TimePunch Management v2.95.709.1



Following features have been added:

  • FS#734 – Possibility to export a DATEV after booking for past months

    Since wage payouts are often also carried out in the middle of the month, Timepunch has created a possibility for the export of Datev after bookings.

    The procedure is as follows:

    – Create a DATEV export with data preview for the current month. This export is used for payroll disbursement.
    – After the end of the month, the Ttmes must be booked out manually from DATEV.
    – The new function then creates a post-booking for the past month in Timepunch. This post-booking corrects the payroll payout for the employees in DATEV.

    In the options (Extras/Options/Datev Lodas), you can now set whether a file with post-postings is created for completed months, or whether the data should be exported as before.

The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

  • FS#728 – Installation of the .NET Framework 4.6.2

    Timepunch requires the .net framework 4.6.2 to run correctly in the current version. Therefore, if it does not already exist, the .NET Framework 4.6.2 will be installed.

  • FS#725 – Column remark in the daily working time report is too narrow.

    The comment column in the daily working time report was too narrow to be able to track the cutter’s cut in the frame work hours. The column has now been enlarged in the report.

  • FS#719 – CSV import for employees in trust fails.

    For employees in trust, the import of time files in CSV format failed, although corresponding projects have already been created. The problem has been fixed.

  • FS#717 – Display of the target working time in the Flex account report is incorrect.

    The planned working time in the Flex account report was shown including the holidays. This was not corrected correctly in this report.

  • FS#716 – Report of annual leave is faulty

    The annual holiday report did not indicate the holiday if the working time model was occupied with 0 hours of target. Only the total was displayed correctly, but total per month remained empty. This problem has been fixed.

  • FS#714 – DATEV Lodas export when the data preview is on, is corrupted.

    With the data preview on, the Datev Lodas export did not work. This issue has also been fixed.

  • FS#713 – Time entry is not aborted correctly.

    If an employee did not log out of the watcher over the weekend, the time entry was not closed correctly. The problem is now a thing of the past.

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TimePunch Management v1.95.612.0

The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

  • FS#703 – After creators update, Setup requires .net 4.52

    After the creators update, the .net framework was always tried to reinstall, even though it was already installed. This error is fixed.

  • Endless scrolling when using a slow database connection

    If a slow database connection was used, it might be possible to scroll continuously when a month’s change took place. This is a thing of the past.

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TimePunch Verwaltung v2.95.604.0

TimePunch 2.95 – New Version includes DATEV (LODAS) Export!



Following features have been added:

  • Implemented, DATEV (LODAS) Export

    Since this version, Timepunch supports the export of the transaction data (time information) according to the DATEV (Lodas) standard. This means that the times after the end of the month can be exported directly and passed on to the tax advisor for payroll accounting.

  • Implemented, Distinction between vacation and absence

    The booking type “Vacation” has been split into two new booking types. This is, on the one side, the holiday and new! the absence. The holiday will be used and paid out from version 2.95 onwards for the calculation of the salary – furthermore, a holiday of course does not reduce the regular holiday days. The new absence booking type reduces the paid work wage because this is an unpaid absence, such as unexcused missed days.

  • Implemented, Surcharged working hours

    Timepunch 2.95 can now be used to calculate the relevant surcharged working times. There are differences between night work, night work in the new day, working hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In addition, the additional times can also be used for the DATEV (Lodas) export.

  • Implemented, New order types

    As new types of orders, the employee’s assignment, the service contract and the contract of work were included.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed, FS#690 – Enter pause in current time entry

    In the Timepunch watcher, no pause times in the current entry could be edited in the previous version.

  • Fixed, FS#697 – Half day at 0 hours working time model not possible

    In the previous version, no half vacation days could be posted to employees who do not use time recording and therefore have a working time model with 0 hours to run.

  • Fixed, FS#691 – Payroll calculation on vacation over the last 13 weeks

    Also faulty in a 0 target hour model was the payroll calculation for the holiday over the last 13 weeks. This point has also been corrected.

  • Fixed, FS#689 – Report: Detailed overview

    In the detailed overview report, the start and end time of the report was incorrect and did not correspond to the selected time window. In the current version this should be correct.

  • Fixed, FS#686 – Display the duration of the current time entry in the overview

    In the previous version, the duration of the current time entry was no longer displayed. This point has also been fixed.

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TimePunch Patch v2.9.1801.0

The current patch fixes many reported problems, contains new features, and prepares for the upcoming online time recording.



Folgende Features wurden hinzugefügt:

  • Implemented, FS#684 – Support of time zones for online time recording.

    A time zone can now be assigned to each employee. This function is used to prepare for online time recording. This ensures that the employee is correctly recorded regardless of the location.

  • Implemented, FS#671 – Implicit project selection during customer selection.

    When editing a time entry, an assigned project can now be directly selected within the customer selection. For this purpose, it is important that a customer is directly assigned to the master data for the projects. If such a customer is selected, all projects – in which the customer has been assigned – are automatically proposed for selection.

  • Implemented, FS#669 – Created new licenses for the online module.

    Licenses for the upcoming online module can now also be entered into the licensing administration and assigned to employees.

  • Implemented, FS#632 – Datafox Evo 3.5 in conjunction with TimePunch TEN

    TimePunch TEN now also supports Datafox EVO 3.5, the time recording terminal.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed, FS#681 – The “on-site” flag is ignored when copying time stamps.

    When you copy time entries, the “on-site” flag is now correctly copied and also set with the new time entry.

  • Fixed, FS#678 – Representation error of a new time entry in the time beam.

    When a time entry was modified and a subsequent time entry was created, the previous entry in the time beam disappeared. This problem has now been fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#677 – Incorrect data preview for half-Holidays.

    The data preview was erroneous at half-time public Holiday entries. No preview entry was generated. This problem has been fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#675 – When the mouse is released, the watcher disappears.

    When editing the time in the watcher, the watcher often disappeared from the screen by releasing the mouse. This problem has now been fixed. The watcher is hidden in the current version by a new click.

  • Fixed, FS#674 – Caching Error

    A rarely occurring caching problem has been fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#672 – Edit time records with project NN

    Work times posted to the NN project can not be deleted. These entries could not be changed to another project. The error is now fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#657 – Creation of a project from the dialog for entering a time entry.

    When creating a project from the dialog for entering a time entry, the selection list in the dialog was not updated correctly after the project was created. The problem has now been fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#654 – Export / import of project managers is faulty.

    When the projects were exported from the master data, the “project-responsible” employees were not exported correctly. During the import, the fields, which were left empty, overwritten the project partners responsible for the project in the projects master data. The problem has been solved.

  • Fixed, FS#652 – Incorrect display of the previous year’s leave under “Yearly Holidays Extended”

    If in the previous year the annual leave was negative – so too much vacation was taken, in the following year nevertheless 0 days of rest vacation was indicated, if it was set that the rest vacation immediately expires.
    The calculation was internally correct, i.e. the remaining leave is deducted, but the representation in the dialogue was faulty. Fixed the issue with the current patch.

  • Fixed, FS#649 – Daily working hours report should include leave and sick leave for payroll.

    In the case of an employee working on wages, the report “Daily working hours” should also include the illness and leave as working hours. This point is now implemented.

  • Fixed, FS#646 – Target working time on pay report is not displayed correctly.

    The target working time was not displayed correctly on the pay report (Daily Actual). The wage payment was displayed instead of the target working time. This problem is now fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#645 – Time records with deleted projects can not be edited.

    If an attempt was made to change a time entry whose project had already been deleted, this entry could no longer be edited. This problem has been fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#641 – Rounding of the settled times with the rounding set was faulty.

    When rounding the billable times, times were also rounded up, which corresponded to the set rounding. This problem is now fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#633 – Percentage in User / Projects Distribution report is not correct.

    The calculation of the percentage in the report “user / project distribution” was incorrect. The percentage distribution over all employees was calculated, in fact, the employee should be represented as 100% in the total line of the listed employees. This problem has been fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#536 – Animation does not close when the time gets too long.

    If the timeout in TimePunch TEN exceeded a certain amount of time, the window with the animation was not closed, but remained in the foreground until it was closed by the tascheck. The problem has been solved.

  • Fixed, FS#535 – No display of error message when the terminal is unavailable.

    If the retrieving of the times in TimePunch TEN failed, because the terminal could not be reached via a PING, no error message was displayed so far. In the current version, the user is shown an error message.

  • Fixed, FS#417 – The project description will remain unchanged.

    When the project was changed in the TimePunch Watcher, the description remained, if the entry was stopped before. This problem is now fixed.

  • Fixed, FS#404 – New duration of time entry does not fit.

    When creating a new entry, the duration of the target working time should correspond. This is already implemented today. If there are already entries, the duration of the remaining working time should be the same. In the previous version, a new time entry was predefined by default with an hour. This has been corrected in the current version.

  • Fixed, FS#400 – Select time records

    If an entry was marked as “invoiced / open”, the list view jumped to the first line of the complete month for each operation, and the entry is no longer selected. A re-scrolling of the list was necessary to find the entry. In the current version, the list view remains in the previous position.

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TimePunch Patch v2.9.1416.0

As previously announced, we publish a patch that fixes the issues reported to us.

The installation is strongly recommended.



In detail, the following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed, FS#578 – Work can be booked as a series entry also at the weekend.

    This feature was implemented on the series entries. So can also seminars posted as a series entry.

  • Fixed, FS#594 – Manipulating entries without permission led to its conversion into work time.

    If entries were edited, for which the employee had no permission, the entry was automatically saved as working time. In the current version, saving these entries is prevented.

  • Fixed, FS#603 – The active time recording was terminated during shutdown by the watcher

    The watcher stopped automatically the active time recording in the previous version with the shutdown of the PC, even if this was explicitly prohibited in the settings. In the current implementation, the watcher completes only the entry when the automatic in and logout is selected.

  • Fixed, FS#604 – Vacation could note be booked at serial records at the Weekend.

    The series entry allows now also the booking of holiday at weekends.

  • Fixed, FS#609 – Crash when editing display filters.

    In the previous version, the edit display filter led to crashes of the application. This bug has been fixed now.

  • Fixed, FS#611 – VAT could no longer be edited in the project.

    In version 2.9, the field to the viewing and editing of the VAT in the new dialog was not taken over. In the current version, the field is again available.

  • Fixed, FS#612 – Sort the activities in the client / Watcher was flawed.

    The sort of Tasks in the previous version was incorrect and incomplete. Also this issue belongs to the past now.

  • Fixed, FS#613 – Data preview was shown in the watcher.

    In the data preview, the preview data in the watcher were displayed. After the patch, only the real posted times appear in the watcher.

  • Fixed, FS#614 – Watcher updated as you type.

    The update of the day data led to a resetting of the active input. Therefore the data is updated in the current version only, when there is no input.

  • Fixed, FS#615 – Task description was not deleted when the project changed.

    With the project or customer change the description text stopped and had to be manually deleted. To simplify the input of descriptive text, project or customer change automatically deletes the text, unless it was not manually changed.

  • Fixed, FS#616 – The import of CSV files caused a crash

    The import by CSV time data due to a faulty processing of tasks resulted in a crash. This problem no longer exists in the current version.

  • Fixed, FS#617 – Editing/deleting time entries without permission was possible via detours.

    Even if you lack permission, time entries via the copy & paste function could be adjusted via the edit dialog, or deleted. This gap in the authority has now been closed.

  • Fixed, FS#618 – The TimePunch Studio was required always a password for the user.

    TimePunch called Studio version 2.9 always a password for the user, even if at all no password has been set for this.

  • Fixed, FS#621 – Already disabled employees prevented the saving projects.

    Disabled staff profiles were associated in a project then these profiles prevented subsequent editing of projects. This problem has been fixed with the latest patch.

  • Fixed, FS#622 – Working days with 0 hours planned time were displayed as days of absence.

    Zero hour target time be deposited if the employee is eliminated. In this case, may be no more days of absence shall be displayed in TimePunch, which however was still the case in the previous version.

  • Fixed, FS#623 – Synchronization rights were missing for employees and employees in trust.

    In the version 2.9, the synchronisation rights for employees and employees in trust have been removed accidentally. Therefore, these employees could no longer use the synchronization. In the current version, these rights are the staff again provided.

  • Improved general stability of the watcher.

    In rare cases, the watcher seemingly for no reason did no longer open and could be ruled only by terminating via Task Manager. In the current patch worked so explicitly on the stability of the watcher. If these problems persist, we ask for feedback at info@timepunch.de

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