TimePunch Patch v2.2.926.0

This release contains the following changes:

  • Locking of the PC / Screensaver:
    The activation of the screen saver will now be tracked as a break, even without manual locking of the PC in case that the responsible option has been activated in the TimePunch Recording Settings.

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.2.926.0.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.2.926.0.exe

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TimePunch Patch v2.2.914.1

This release contains the following changes:

  • The report “detailled project accounting“, which has been replaced by mistake in the last patch, works as expected again.
    As forseen for the previous release, the current patch replaces the report “Detailled Timesheet“.

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.2.914.1.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.2.914.1.exe

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TimePunch Patch v2.2.909.1

Dieses Release contains the following changes:

  • FS#324 – The position and the state of the window won’t be stored, if the window is minimized or invisible.
  • FS#325 – The payout of hours is now allowed for the current month, even if there are no time entries in place.
  • FS#333 – In case of reports where users with different public holiday settings are reported, the public holidays are now correctly aligned to the correct user.
  • FS#329 – It’s now possible to create a time entry directly after choosing a new filter, without prior selection of an existing time entry.
  • FS#310 – When creating a time entry series the entries gets now aligned to the current working time model.
  • FS#336 – The usage of the screensaver for locking the time recording has been reworked and corrected.
  • FS#337 – The report -Detailed Project Accounting- has been corrected and is now displaying all projects correctly.
  • FS#338 – The layout of the report -Detailed Project Accounting- has been reworked.

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.2.909.1.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.2.909.1.exe

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TimePunch Patch v2.2.631.0

The release contains the following changes:

  • Fixed a critical bug that occured sometimes when opening a new database the first time and TimePunch Watcher is running. The bug caused a duplicated logon name which sets the database in a corrupted state.

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.2.631.0.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.2.631.0.exe

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TimePunch Patch v2.2.613.0

The release contains the following changes:

  • A synchronisation problem has been fixed, which in rare cases, could break the import of time entries and end up with an error message.
  • The UI Picker has been choosen as the default setting for date and time input. This can be easily changed within the TimePunch Watcher in menu “Display Settings / UI Elements” if choosen “Optimized for Keyboard/Maus”.

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.2.613.0.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.2.613.0.exe

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TimePunch Release v2.2.527.0

This release contains the following new features:

  • FS#313 – Time and date input via keyboard
    Time and Date fields can also be entered via the keyboard. The touch friendly input pickers are now only optional and can be selected in the TimePunch Watcher options.
  • FS#313 – Project quickselection
    Projects and Tasks can now be filtered by using a quick selection input box.
  • FS#320 – Driving time entries
    Driving time entries can now contain break times. This hasn’t been possible in the prior version.
Fixed issues:
  • FS#243 – Viewing issue fixed, Weekly working time in the employee dialog
    For showing the weekly working time in the employee dialog the current working time model will now be used. In the prior version always the default working time model has been used.
  • FS#312 – Handling issue: Time Entry dialog handling
    In the current version the dialog for input time entries won’t be closed, if the question for overwriting existing time entries will be cancelled.
  • FS#314 – Reporting issue: Showing the hourly work rate
    The hourly rate will now also be correclty shown in TimePunch ONE for any reports. In the prior version sometimes 0,00 have been shown as the hourly  rate.
  • FS#316 – Calculation issue: Input of break times
    The break time in entry series will now be handled correctly. In the prior version, the break time has been devided by the amount of entries in the series.
  • FS#317 – Reporing issue: Showing the weekends
    The weekends will now be shown correclty for every user within a report. Prior to this version only the weekends for the first user has been shown.
  • FS#318 Handling issue:  Project selection
    If one is loged on as an administrator and edits the time entry of an other co-worker, than the projects will be shown in regards of his account. The former version only displayed the projects that have been assigned to the user itself.

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.2.527.0.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.2.527.0.exe

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TimePunch Patch v2.1.530.1

This release contains the following changes:

  • FS#306 – Fixed a critical bug that blocks TimePunch when sending an update request

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.1.530.1.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.1.530.1.exe

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TimePunch Patch v2.1.524.0

This release contains the following improvements:

  • FS#299 – Missing translations have been added.
  • FS#300 – Creating a new time entry with a working time model of zero weekly hours won’t crash TimePunch.
  • FS#304 – Projects and time entries are now getting updated instantly in the Watcher, if they will be changed in TimePunch.
  • FS#224 – The last 10 database connections will be stored and can be switched with one click.
  • FS#302 – Description will be shown in the Tp-Watcher and in Tp-Studio as a tooltip.


  • The crash when changing the time has been removed.

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.1.524.0.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.1.524.0.exe

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TimePunch Patch v2.1.403.0

This release contains the following features:


  • The project list will be showed in the corresponding project colors.
  • Translation has been amended
  • If a rounding is set, a new text box shows the time until the recording starts.


  • Fix, Tasks can now be deactivated by synchronisation.

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.1.403.0.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.1.403.0.exe

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TimePunch Release v2.1.304.0

This release contains the following changes:


  • FS#296 – Prevent duplicated start of the TimePunch Watcher
  • FS#293 – Fix wrong rounding of the work time
  • Added a new setting for the TimePunch Watcher to prevent automatic opening. If manual Setting is used, the TimePunch Watcher can only be opened by clicking the Systray Icon.
  • Added a possibility to Manual set the paid hours per month.
  • FS#289 – Fault when opening the ListPicker has been removed

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.1.304.0.exe

Download: http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.1.304.0.exe

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