TimePunch Patch v4.7.429.0

Server Version: https://www.timepunch.de/download/server470/TpAppServer_4.7.430.1.exe

Client Version: https://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.7.429.0.exe

This Patch solves the following problems:

FS#1391 – When exporting wages, deleted employees are also exported.

FS#1404 – Attendance list also shows terminated employees

FS#1405 – Better interception of unexpected errors during the login check in the Datafox module.

FS#1406 – Option: pay out bonuses with or without a break

FS#1407 – Statistical wage type leave must be transmitted in days (not hours).

FS#1408 – Change tracking does not always send the timestamp of the entry

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TimePunch v4.7


Standalone Version: https://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.7.307.1.exe
Server Version: https://www.timepunch.de/download/server470/TpAppServer_4.7.305.0.exe

Finally, the time has come again: TimePunch 4.7 is online!

The following features have been implemented:

  • FS#1324 – Email notification of changes to time entries
    In TimePunch it is now possible to be informed of changes to existing time entries by email. The employees themselves or the managers can be informed about the changes to the time entry. Logging the changes to an independent mailbox is also possible.
  • FS#1342 – Project colours can be switched on again in the new reports
    By popular request, the project colours can be switched on again in the timesheets.
  • FS#1344 – Special treatment for breaks after 6 hours
    If an employee takes a break after 6 hours of work, this break can be taken on a pro rata basis. In this case, the employee is no longer entitled to a mandatory 30-minute break, but only the time up to the mandatory break.
  • FS#1360 – New option for wage data export
    From this release it is possible to trigger the wage data export for all systems also in the middle of the month. In the following month, only the difference to the actual working time is exported.
  • FS#1361 – New wage type for leave for employees with salary
    A new wage type has been introduced to document the leave taken for salary recipients, which can be added to a salary statement (e.g. with DATEV).
  • FS#1373 – Prioritisation of night supplement over Saturday/Sunday/holiday
    With this setting, the legally required night supplement can be prioritised. I.e. as soon as a night supplement is paid, other supplements are no longer paid. Keyword: Avoidance of double surcharges
  • FS#1374 – Night supplement only from 2 hours working time
    If this option is active, the night supplement is only paid from 2 hours night work. (cf. §2 of the ArbZG 4th sentence).

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • FS#1367 – The month-end closing is optionally sent to all admins again.
  • FS#1290 – In the self-service, a display error for negative hours in the minute range was corrected.
  • FS#1327 – The calendar sometimes showed “Absent” or “Absent” twice.
  • FS#1343 – The reports were partly displayed with the wrong language setting (English instead of German).
  • FS#1345 – In the calendar, the substitute field was not checked correctly.
  • FS#1351 – The remaining leave was displayed in the Watcher with 12 decimal places.
  • FS#1359 – The data preview switched on distorted the hourly reports.
  • FS#1364 – When importing CSV employee data, the gross wages in the profile were overwritten.
  • FS#1376 – The Watcher did not show projects with access right ‘Administration only’.
  • FS#1378 – The break was not taken into account when manually entering the night surcharge.
  • FS#1379 – In the online module it was not possible to book on-call times.
  • FS#1381 – In the case of active short-time work, overtime may not be reduced in the case of reduced work.
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