TimePunch Datafox Modul v1.6.1417.2

This release contains the following enhancements:

Allow booking of business trips that are spanned over multiple days
This release allows the staff member to book a business trip that is spanned over multiple days. Therefore the staff member needs to check-in to the business trip. After the trip he simply has to check-in for working time. The days between will automatically booked on the business trip project.

Open time entries are completed automatically when staff member forgets to check-out.
If the staff forgets to stamp “Go”, then the time-entry will be completed automatically, as soon as the staff member next time check-in. This time entries are also getting marked by an automatic comment in TimePunch, so that appropriate entries can be traced immediately and can be corrected.

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TimePunch Cutter Module v1.0.201.2

This is the first version of the TimePunch Cutter. By using this module the working hour window models can be defined.

The working hour window model defines the earliest start of work, the latest end of work, the maximum daily working time and the obligatory breaks for the selected staff members.

The tracked working times get amended every night to match the corresponding working hour window models.

Working Hour Window Model

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TimePunch Datafox Module v1.6.519.0

The current release contains the following improvements:

More fault tolerant against wrong ID-Cards or faulty user mappings
In rare cases it can happen, that the ID-Card will not be read correctly and due to this the user mapping fails. The Datafox PZE Master will display an error message in that case. But in prior releases this led to a wrong time-record booking because of the wrong user mapping. This issue has now been fixed.

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TimePunch Datafox Modul v1.6.508.0

The current release contains the following amendments:

Improved Exception handling
Network issues could lead to an hang-up of the Datafox device. This has been fixed with the current release.

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TimePunch Attendance Sheet v1.0.29.3

The current release contains the following new features:

Display of the break times:
In the previous release the break times have not been displayed with the blue break time Symbol, if the break has been activated within the TimePunch Watcher. This issue has now been fixed in the current release.

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TimePunch Attendance Sheet v1.0.7.3

Display the attendance

With this new module, one can display the attendance of employees clear and always up to date. After the module installation and the log-on, the employees gets displayed. Based on your permissions, the working time, the last logout, the activity and additional information about the holidays or sick leave of the employee will be shown.

Of course there is the possibility to filter the employees in order to obtain the desired information in time.

The list gets updated automatically every minute.

TimePunch Attendance Sheet

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TimePunch Datafox Modul v1.6.407.0

The current release contains the following new features

Corrected the Database Version
After the database has been initialized, the database version has been set wrong. This lead to an additional query for updating the database, and that lead to a failure in the database structure, which can only corrected by our database support.
If you are trapped by this bug, the support for you is without any fee. We like to help you.

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TimePunch Datafox Modul v1.6.401.2

The current release contains the following new features

Server polls data
In the current release now Datafox time recording terminals are supported, which do not directly send the data to the server and only allow data polling by the server. This particularly applies to older equipment as well as to several newer devices in which the active mode is not yet implemented.

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TimePunch Datafox Module v1.5.325.0

The current release contains the following new features

Short business trip
In the current version it is possible to define a Project, which can be used as a short business trip entry. That means that all tasks that applies to the “short Business trip” project are transferred to the time-recording device and can then be selected by the staff before they do a short business trip.

There are three short business trips predefined: Authorities, go for errands and customer meetings. This tasks can be individually amended and extended.

New Mode: Semi-automatic update
By using the semi-automatic update settings the device does not need to get into a mode where it can receive data.
The data is therefore not send directly to the device, but with the next update interval. That’s always after the next alive ping that will be send by the device once a minute to the server.

By using this method the data don’t gets automatically uploaded every night, just only on demand.

It’s now possible to set up a fixed project for logon and logoff when using the time recording device. If a staff member logon with the time recording device, the predefined Project will then be started.

Additionally the rounding can be set independendly from the settings of the TimePunch Watcher.

Changed the update time from 22 o`clock to 2 o`clock in the morning
The time at which the current employees and balance list will be updated on the time recording device, was changed to 2 clock in the morning. This change was made in order to keep the account balances consistent with the indication in TimePunch Watcher. There are always the current balances of the previous day displayed.

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TimePunch Datafox Modul v1.0.519.0

The current Patch Release contains the following bug fixes:

Increased TCP/IP Timeout to 20 seconds
The timeout for the TCP/IP Connection to the datafox time recording terminal has been increased from 5 seconds to 20 seconds. This has been done due to connection problems.

Problem regarding taking over buffered time entries
When the datafox time recording terminal can not send the data due to a broken network connection, the data will be buffered at the terminal and send to the server as soon it is connectable. The previous version had the problem that the buffered time-entries produced an unique key violation at database level. This issue has now been fixed with the current release.

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