TimePunch Calendar v3.0.909.0

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#796 – Request for half a working day (morning to noon) was incorrect

    If half a working day has been requested (i. e. seminar or similar) by an employee, a whole day has been written into TimePunch at the time of approval. This problem is fixed with the current patch.

  • FS#800 – Smart selection of end date for request

    For leave requests, the end date is now preset according to the start date. If the employee selects a leave with start on 07/23, the end date is also selected on this day. This simplifies the selection of holidays and makes the selection more intuitive.

The patch can be installed within the TimePunch Application Server.

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TimePunch Cutter v3.1.908.0

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Inconsistent database after initial installation on new server

    In version 3.1 of the cutter, the database check indicated an inconsistent database state. This problem only occurred when the server was completely reinstalled. The problem is fixed with the current patch.

  • The patch can be installed within the TimePunch Application Server.

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NEW! TimePunch Cutter v3.1.902.0

Today we release the new module version, the TimePunch Cutter v3.1.
The new version brings improvements in functionality and flexibility.

The following points have been implemented

  • FS#754 – Validity of the framework time model

    The framework time model can now be assigned a transitional period in which the working time model is valid. This increases the flexibility of the model, since it is now possible to implement frame times that are only valid for certain periods of time.

    As an example, the frame time from 7:00 to 16:30 + 30 min. transition could be defined. A reduction is only made if the employee stamps “check out” between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm.

    This variant also allows individual rounding settings, e. g. using frame time intervals or cascades.

  • FS#753 – Define framework working time for weekdays

    In the new version, different frame time models can be implemented per weekday. This makes it possible, for example, for employees to work overtime from Monday to Thursday, so that they can start the weekend earlier on Fridays.

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TimePunch Calendar v3.0.830.0

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Authorization to view booking types
    During the permission check, an error occurred that made it possible for employees without authorization to see the posting reason (for example, leave). This problem has been fixed in the current patch.
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TimePunch Studio v3.0.822.1

This patch for TimePunch Studio Module 3.0 eliminates minor issues that have occurred in different installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#795 – TimePunch Studio in Tablet Mode
    In version 3.0, TimePunch Studio could not be started in the tablet mode of a Windows 10 PC. This problem has been fixed.
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    TimePunch Cutter v1.95.1019.0

    TimePunch Cutter 1.95 – Fixed

    The following issues have been fixed:

    • Fixed, FS#759 – Take into account break after 6 hours in the 9 hour break.

      The second break booking did not take into account the break time of the first break. I. e. the second pause might have been booked too early.

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    TimePunch Datafox v1.95.914.0

    Following features have been added:

    • FS#737- mathematical rounding => employer-friendly rounding

      The mathematical rounding of time stamping times in TimePunch TEN has been changed to an employer-friendly rounding.

    • FS#738 – Waiting period for check-in and check-out times

      In order to implement an employee-friendly regulation if desired, it was possible to specify a waiting period. If the employee logs on or off within this time, the logon or logoff time is rounded to his or her favor.

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    TimePunch Calendar v1.95.814.1

    The following features have been added:

    • FS#639 – Group affiliation on the approval page

      The employee’s group affiliation is now displayed on the approval page. A click on the group opens the corresponding group calendar of the team or department. This allows the approver to look in the group calendar to see what vacation situation looks like before the vacation is approved or rejected.

    • FS#662 – Click on the employee name to open the annual overview

      A click on the employee name in the approval list opens the employees’ annual holiday overview.

    • FS#663 – Show already approved number of 1/2 days

      Using a database setting, it is possible that the number of already taken 1/2 days is displayed.

      To activate, the following SQL must be executed:
      INSERT INTO CA_SETTINGS (id, “KEY”, value) values(‘14625FE0-448E-426B-A31C-DD8A1AFC8577’, ‘ShowApprovedHalfdayLeaveRequests’, ‘true’);

    • FS#666 – Custom color selection in the calendar overview

      In the calendar it is now possible to define a customised color choice for the individual booking types. For this, a custom file with the colors can used.

      Custom Calendar file: Calendar.custom.css

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    TimePunch Online v1.95.709.0

    The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

    • FS#724 – Exception at the Online Module
    • Fixed a problem in the online module that prevented the logon of the user at the module from time to time.

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    TimePunch Self-Service v1.95.612.0

    TimePunch Self-Service 1.95

    The following problems have been fixed:

    • FS#701 – Negative flexitime is displayed incorrectly

      Negative flexitime was shown with double minus. This issue has been fixed.

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