TimePunch Mobile v3.0 (Android and Wp8)

TimePunch Mobile v3.0 for Android and Windows Phone 8 has been released today

With this Version we go further toward a complete mobile time recording experience with TimePunch and getting closer to the functionality of the TimePunch Desktop App.

A further improvement is about displaying the times within the overview. Those can now be displayed in time minutes or industry time units. New to the Android Version is the possibility to define the weekday that is used as the first day of the week. Therefore one can define which days are used in order to sum up the working time.

But the biggest change at all is the design of the TimePunch Mobile app for Android. This changed consequently to the new Android Styleguide for Android 4.x.

With this Change the app get’s more comfortable to use, the time-entries more easy to analyse and better structured – and the best, the App is more sexy than ever!

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