Fehler nach dem Update KB4576949 für Windows 10 und Windows Server 2019

Problem in TimePunch

After installing the Windows Update, several customers noticed that they could no longer edit or create time data in TimePunch.

According to internal research, this is due to the patch KB4576949 which was released by Microsoft on September 16, 2020.

link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4576949/kb4576949-cumulative-update-for-net-framework

TimePunch 4.x

For all TimePunch 4.x customers, we recommend updating to TimePunch 4.1 as the necessary changes have already been made there.

Update to TimePunch 4.1: https://dev.timepunch.de/2020/10/04/timepunch-v4-1/

TimePunch 3.x

For the version TimePunch 3.x we have therefore provided a patch to make TimePunch work correctly with the Windows Update:

server version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server390/TpAppServer_3.9.701.0.exe

TimePunch 2.x

For all customers still using version TimePunch 2.x, we recommend upgrading to TimePunch 4.x or uninstalling the patch provided by Microsoft.

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Starke Kryptographie TLS 1.2


TimePunch Konfiguration für starke Kryptographie

More security by moving from TLS 1.0/1.1 to TLS 1.2

In order to increase data security, the encryption of our update server was changed to TLS 1.2.

The upcoming version TimePunch 4.0 supports this secure transport protocol by default. However, for the versions of TimePunch currently in use, an update must be imported on the server.

How do you know if an update is necessary?

The following message is displayed on the start page of your TimePunch Application Server:

What are the consequences of the error?

As long as your TimePunch installation cannot connect to our update server, you will not be shown any possible software updates.

You will therefore not receive any security and feature updates!

How can the server be updated?

To update the server, you just need to load the following setup and run it on your TimePunch server:

TimePunch configuration for strong cryptography

For the changes to take effect, the server must be restarted at the end.

Shall we support?

We would be pleased to support you in the conversion to the new protocol. The easiest way is to open a new ticket on our support page.


If you have not signed a maintenance contract, please remember that this is a support service with costs.

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NEW! TimePunch Online v1.95.604.0

TimePunch Online – for the mobile time-recording!

We are pleased to present our new growth: TimePunch Online

So far, our app “Timepunch mobile” was the only way to track working hours on the go and mobile. The disadvantage of this is that times had to be synchronized manually again and again.

With Timepunch online, working hours can now be recorded mobile without an additional synchronisation. When starting/stopping, The times are started directly on the server. Therefore, Timepunch online can also be combined with time recording at the hardware terminal or on the PC.

TimePunch Stoppuhr TimePunch Stoppuhr

By Timepunch Online It is possible, for example, that the employee perceives an away date at the customer and then logs out on the smartphone without having to come back to the company.

Of course, the online module also offers a desktop view so that the times can also be recorded on the tablet.

Timepunch Online can now be installed as a module with the Timepunch Application Server v1.95.

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(Deutsch) Anforderungen an die Zeiterfassung durch das neue Mindestlohngesetz

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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