TimePunch v4.4


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.4.312.1.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server440/TpAppServer_4.4.308.0.exe

At long last, it’s that time again:TimePunch 4.4 is online!

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Server:

  • FS#1274 – Update all modules
    From the current version it is possible to update all installed modules with one click after an update.

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Watcher:

  • FS#1275 – Dark Mode / Light Mode
    TimePunch Watcher now detects the mode set in Windows and switches to Dark and Light Mode accordingly.

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Studio:

  • FS#1276 – Dark Mode / Light Mode
    TimePunch Studio now detects the mode set in Windows and switches to Dark and Light Mode accordingly.

The following features have been implemented in the Datafox module:

  • FS#1277 – Dark Mode / Light Mode
    The Datafox module now detects the mode set in Windows and switches to Dark and Light Mode accordingly.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#1278 – The wage data export now no longer exports deactivated wage types.
  • FS#1263 – Tricking the online module to book vacations is now no longer possible.
  • FS#1261 – Fixed the calculation of dependent holidays.
  • FS#1195 – Watcher display with multiple monitors has been fixed.
  • FS#1160 – Fixed display at 720p resolution in studio
  • FS#1080 – Fixed watcher recovery after sleep mode with two monitors.
  • FS#892 – The Watcher no longer hides unmotivated.
  • FS#872 – The active monitor is now detected correctly.
  • FS#783 – The display of absenteeism in the management module has been corrected.
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TimePunch Patch

Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.3.214.0.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server430/TpAppServer_4.3.214.0.exe

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • FS#1255 – Import of employee times not possible

    A bug in version 4.3 prevented the import of employee data via CSV files. This issue is fixed with the current patch.

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TimePunch v4.3


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.3.205.0.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server430/TpAppServer_4.3.205.0.exe

At long last, it’s that time again:TimePunch 4.3 is online!

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Server:

  • License management integrated in Application Server
    From the current version, licenses can already be entered by IT in the Application Server.

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Management:

  • FS#1246 – Dynamic working time models
    TimePunch 4.3 offers the possibility to create a dynamic target time. In this case, the target time is adjusted to the working time. This can be very helpful if it is not clear in advance when or how long the employee will be needed.
  • FS#1242 – Credit/Deduction of working time
    In the current working time model, a credit, or a deduction of the daily working time can be stored. Thus, travel or changing times can be mapped in TimePunch
  • FS#1234 – New wage type for continued pay on holidays
    In order to be able to remunerate continued pay on holidays separately, these times can be posted to a new wage type as of the current version.
  • FS#1232 – Overtime premium alternatively per month
    The overtime premium can now be credited to the employee not only per day, but also per month from the stored target number of hours.
  • FS#1230 – Average Earnings at 6 Months
    The option to calculate the average earnings over the last 6 months has also been added as a new option for continued pay. This option is available for selection as an alternative to calculating earnings over the last 13 weeks.
  • FS#1231 – Option, Average continued pay not below target time
    This new setting can be used to prevent the average continued pay from falling below the regular target time. This can be the case, for example, in the case of long unpaid sick leave or an unpaid vacation.

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch ONE:

  • FS#1211 – Synchronize customer data
    TimePunch ONE now provides the ability to synchronize customer data. This feature is currently being integrated by Cayas Software GmbH into TimePunch Mobile as well.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#1248 – Max project time could be overbooked through backdoor
  • FS#1241 – Overtime reduction option integrated in the month before short-time
  • FS#1237 – Frame work hours/shifts are sorted correctly in the cutter
  • FS#1233 – Unpaid sick leave is posted correctly on holiday
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TimePunch Server Patch v4.2.525.0

Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.2.525.0.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server420/TpAppServer_4.2.525.0.exe

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • FS#1244 – Wage data export error when employee work over target time

    In version 4.2, the wage was incorrectly not corrected if the employee had worked more than the target time but was not to be paid more than the target time. This issue has been fixed with the patch

  • FS#1243 – Not all employees were displayed in the attendance list

    If an employee only had time entries in the future, this caused a break within the attendance list. The employees found to date were displayed, the rest were missing.

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TimePunch Datafox Patch v4.2.522.0

The following features have been added:

Support of temperature measurement with time recording

With the current patch, TimePunch supports the new function module for fever measurement from Datafox. It can be determined already during the logon at the terminal whether the employee is healthy and can therefore start work, or whether the employee has a fever and should better stay at home. Of course, the measurement data is only forwarded to the supervisor when the case of illness occurs.

If you are interested in the function module, then contact us: 06206-70409-11

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TimePunch Calendar Patch v4.2.503.0

The following bugs have been fixed:

FS#1239 – Leave request without empty individual approver not possible
If the individual approver level was created and an attempt was made to release a leave without such an approver, then this resulted in a database error in the previous version.

FS#1220 – Overtime is not displayed correctly
The overtime display in the annual overview was not congruent with the display from management. This was due to the different reference date (today / yesterday). This problem is now corrected.

FS#1225 – Annual overview: wrong day data
When the annual overview of an employee was opened, instead of the selected employee’s vacation dates, the vacation dates of the logged-in user were displayed.

FS#1059 – Release/reject empty requests causes error
When there was no request to release or reject, selecting release resulted in a JavaScript error. This is now corrected.

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TimePunch Management Patch v4.2.428.0

The following bugs have been fixed:

FS#1228 – Wage data export to GFP Impulse Wage and Salary
GFP Impuls Lohn und Gehalt has been integrated as a new target system for wage data export

FS#1224 – Employee sorting on selected group
The sorting of employees in the selection box has been corrected. The issue only occurred when a team, department, or branch was previously selected.

FS#1226 – Bug in Short-Time Work Tabular report
The display of sickness in the Short-Time Work Tabular report was incorrect. This has been corrected with the current patch.

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TimePunch Server/Cutter Patch v4.2.424.0

The following bugs have been fixed:

FS#1222 – Cutter und Schichtmodell
Im Cutter wurde eine Korrektur vorgenommen, um wechselnde Schichtmodelle besser zu erkennen.

FS#1223 – Geschnittene Zeiten behalten (am Wochenende)
Vom Cutter geschnittene Zeiten am Wochenende werden jetzt nicht mehr gelöscht, sofern dies so konfiguriert wurde.

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TimePunch Calendar Patch v4.2.421.0

The following bugs have been fixed:

FS#1221 – Delete vacation before approval

In the current version of the calendar, a vacation that was requested but not yet approved could not be deleted. This problem is now fixed.

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TimePunch v4.2


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.2.411.0.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server420/TpAppServer_4.2.411.0.exe

Finally, the time has come: TimePunch 4.2 is online!

The following basic technologies have been adapted:

  • FS#1207 – Sending mails without own SMTP server
    From the current version of TimePunch we provide an integrated service for sending mails. This eliminates the need for time-consuming configuration of your own mail server

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Management:

  • FS#1209 – Revision of report, Surcharge Relevant Working Hours
    The report has been modified to correctly include individual surcharge hours per employee.

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Calendar:

  • FS#814 – Multi-step approval processes for leave requests
    In the calendar it is now possible to store a multi-step approval process.
  • FS#1182 – Approval of leave requests by group management
    Approval can now be set via the team manager, the department manager, the branch manager, up to a manually deposited approver.
  • FS#1181 – Approval of Leave Requests by Assistant
    To implement the substitution for the approver, the assistants in the respective group (team, department, branch) are also authorized to approve leave.
  • FS#586 – Sending leave confirmations to approvers
    Approvers now also receive a confirmation of the leave request.
  • FS#1117 – Requesting leave cancellation
    For leave that has already been approved, a cancellation can now be requested. Like the request, the cancellation will go through the multi-step process
  • FS#1149 – Request date with display
    The date of the request is now displayed in the overview as well.
  • FS#1064 – Resend remarks in request with approval
    The employee’s remarks about the absence will be resent with the final approval.

Adjustments, short work topic:

  • FS#1203 – Simplify short-time work settings
    The “Short-time work (strict rule)” option is removed from TimePunch, as it can be easily misconfigured, leading to incorrect calculations.
  • FS#1202 – Automatic overtime capping for short-time work
    In order to simplify the use of short-time work in TimePunch, an automatic overtime capping has been implemented. This is to avoid misconfiguration.
  • FS#1200 – Calculation of reduced hours for partial absences
    For hourly white-collar absences, such as illness or overtime reduction, the remaining time was not filled with reduced hours. This point has been corrected

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#1205 – Turned on data preview can lead to overtime
  • FS#1184 – Display problem with break times fixed
  • FS#1208 – Delete overridden bonus times in employee profile
  • FS#1206 – Attendance list sometimes did not show all employees
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