TimePunch v4.6


Standalone Version: https://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.6.313.1.exe
Server Version: https://www.timepunch.de/download/server460/TpAppServer_4.6.313.0.exe

At long last, it’s that time again: TimePunch 4.6 is online!

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch:

  • FS#1334 – Core working time in TimePunch
    The core working time has been integrated as a new feature in TimePunch. Optionally, the start and end of the core working time can now be stored in the working time model. TimePunch actively checks the core time and, if desired, informs the employee as well as the supervisor or a central reporting office. Alternatively, core time violations can be printed or exported with a report.
  • FS#1313 – New employee status: terminated
    As a new gradation, the status terminated has been integrated into TimePunch. This is, so to speak, a preliminary stage to deleting the employee and has the effect that the employee’s times can still be evaluated. In the terminated status, however, the employee no longer has access to the time recording system.
  • FS#1339 – Time-controlled termination and reinstatement of employees
    If the termination date is known, it can be stored in TimePunch beforehand. TimePunch then actively checks whether the termination date has been reached and, if so, carries out the termination. The same applies to the re-employment of employees.
  • FS#1311 – Revision of the attendance list
    In the attendance list, attendances are now also displayed correctly if it is not an active entry, but a carry-forward – i.e. manually entered time entry.
  • FS#1340 – Revision of reports in the new design
    The reports and evaluations in TimePunch have been adapted to the current design language of TimePunch and now look even more modern and clear.

The following bugs have been fixed in the current release:

  • FS#1336 – Info about the end of the month is now only sent to the direct supervisor
  • FS#1322 – Cutter doubles the entered break under certain circumstances
  • FS#1333 – Exit with Tp-Online not with correct time if Watcher was running before
  • FS#1329 – Double display of staff names in dialogue Options/Recording
  • FS#1335 – Incorrect display of breaks during night work
  • FS#1337 – Dark Mode support in Sync Assistant was faulty

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