TimePunch Calendar Patch v4.2.503.0

The following bugs have been fixed:

FS#1239 – Leave request without empty individual approver not possible
If the individual approver level was created and an attempt was made to release a leave without such an approver, then this resulted in a database error in the previous version.

FS#1220 – Overtime is not displayed correctly
The overtime display in the annual overview was not congruent with the display from management. This was due to the different reference date (today / yesterday). This problem is now corrected.

FS#1225 – Annual overview: wrong day data
When the annual overview of an employee was opened, instead of the selected employee’s vacation dates, the vacation dates of the logged-in user were displayed.

FS#1059 – Release/reject empty requests causes error
When there was no request to release or reject, selecting release resulted in a JavaScript error. This is now corrected.

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