Fehler nach dem Update KB4576949 für Windows 10 und Windows Server 2019

Problem in TimePunch

After installing the Windows Update, several customers noticed that they could no longer edit or create time data in TimePunch.

According to internal research, this is due to the patch KB4576949 which was released by Microsoft on September 16, 2020.

link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4576949/kb4576949-cumulative-update-for-net-framework

TimePunch 4.x

For all TimePunch 4.x customers, we recommend updating to TimePunch 4.1 as the necessary changes have already been made there.

Update to TimePunch 4.1: https://dev.timepunch.de/2020/10/04/timepunch-v4-1/

TimePunch 3.x

For the version TimePunch 3.x we have therefore provided a patch to make TimePunch work correctly with the Windows Update:

server version:https://www.timepunch.de/download/server390/TpAppServer_3.9.701.0.exe

TimePunch 2.x

For all customers still using version TimePunch 2.x, we recommend upgrading to TimePunch 4.x or uninstalling the patch provided by Microsoft.

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