TimePunch v4.1


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_4.1.207.0.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server410/TpAppServer_4.1.207.0.exe

Finally it’s time: TimePunch 4.1 is online!

The following basic technologies have been adapted:

  • FS#1159 – Store documents
    In the current version of TimePunch it is now possible to store documents in the master data. This makes it possible, for example, to store contracts or pay slips for employees, save project contracts and save invoices for customers. The possibilities are unlimited.
The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Management:

  • FS#1169 – Notification of month-end closing
    As soon as a month-end closing is performed by an employee, his or her supervisors are notified by email.
  • FS#1170 – Document vault with adjustable permissions
    Different read/write permissions can be assigned for each folder in TimePunch’s document vault. This allows you to hide documents from employees that are only visible to the HR department.

The following features were implemented in the self-disclosure:

  • FS#1171 – Access to the personnel file and documents in the month-end closing
    The employee receives access to the documents in the personnel file via the self-disclosure, these are the documents in the employee profile, e.g. employment contracts. Likewise he gets access to the documents provided for him in the month-end closing. These could be, for example, pay slips or payroll reports.
  • FS#1172 – Notification of new documents
    As soon as documents are made available to employees in the employee profile or the month-end closing, employees are informed overnight by mail.

The following features were implemented in the attendance list:

  • FS#1173 – New statuses in the attendance list
    The attendance list now knows not only three statuses, but six. This means that it is now possible to evaluate even more precisely and quickly how and whether an employee is available in the company.

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