TimePunch v3.9


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_3.9.202.0.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server390/TpAppServer_3.9.128.3.exe

Finally it’s time: TimePunch 3.9 is online!

The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Management:

  • FS#1127 – Support of short-time work and evaluations of short-time work
    TimePunch supports since this version working time models for short-time work. New short-time work reports are also available. TimePunch automatically calculates the short-time work hours and offers overviews per day for one employee and in tabular form for several employees for printing and exporting to PDF.
  • FS#1124 – Copying of roof projects
    When copying roof projects, child projects are now also copied. This makes it easier to create new complex project structures.
  • FS#1062 – propagate project data of the roof project
    If employees are assigned or the customer is changed in the roof project, these changes are also propagated to all assigned projects.
  • FS#1075 – New authorization, Personnel Management
    TimePunch knows from this version on a new authorization. The new authorization Personnel Management differs from the previous authorization in that the employee no longer has project management rights. The existing role has therefore been renamed Personnel Management and Project Management.
  • FS#1041 – Optional, allow / disallow entry without start and end time
    In the project you can now select whether time entries are allowed for the project with start and end time, with duration or with both.
  • FS#788 – Hide completed projects in reporting
    A new filter has been introduced in reporting. It is now possible to select only active projects or also already completed projects in reporting.
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The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Calendar:

  • FS#1129 – Prevent already approved leave from being withdrawn
    In the current version, it is now no longer possible for an employee to withdraw leave that has already been approved If this is desired, the personnel manager must cancel the leave in TimePunch.
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The following features have been implemented in TimePunch Cutter:

  • FS#803 – Unpaid overtime per day
    In TimePunch Cutter it is now possible to define unpaid overtime per day. This was previously only possible for the entire month.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • FS#1128 – Budget overruns during import
    Up to now budget overruns were not checked when importing CSV data. This problem is solved now.
  • FS#973 – Copying of projects
    Copying of projects was fixed, which partly prevented a complete copying.

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