TimePunch v3.7


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_3.7.301.0.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server370/TpAppServer_3.7.227.0.exe

Finally it’s time: TimePunch 3.7 is online!

The following features have been implemented in the Application Server:

  • FS#1047 – Origin of logons and logouts
    Starting with version 3.7, TimePunch stores not only when and who logged in or logged out, but also by which method. This makes it possible to track whether an employee has logged on or off at the time recording terminal, at the watcher or online. This increases the traceability of the entries.
  • FS#1051 – Extended password security
    New passwords must meet a minimum requirement for password security. Passwords must meet the following requirements.
    • Min. 6 characters
    • Min. 1 capital letter
    • Min. 1 small letter
    • Min. 1 number
  • Update to .NET Framework 4.7.2
    The application server and all TimePunch modules require the .NET Framework 4.7.2. from version 3.7 on.

The following features were implemented in the management module:

  • FS#1035 – Wage payment until overtime is used up
    As a new feature in TimePunch, a fixed wage payment can now be defined as a rule until the overtime hours (or a minimum number of overtime hours) have been used up. This allows seasonal workers or employees with hourly wages who have to maintain a fixed number of overtime hours to be mapped.
  • FS#1048 – Restriction of the bookable working time to activities
    From now on, activities can be created with a maximum bookable working time per day. This is particularly interesting for service providers, for example, to prevent overbooking of the project.
  • FS#1052 – Display reduced working time
    Working time shortened by the cutter or other restrictions (see FS#1048) is now displayed in a separate column in the management module and can therefore be evaluated.
  • FS#1050 – Possibility to mark time entries across employees
    The filter functionality of TimePunch has been further enhanced. The time entries can now be marked as invoiced using the filter – and this can be done across all employees, e.g. for all entries of a project in a month.

The following features have been implemented in the online module:

  • FS#1046 – GPS Geo-Coordinates
    When logging in and out of the online module, the GPS coordinates are now additionally determined and stored. Now it is also possible to track where the employee logged on and off the system. These values are also displayed in the management module and linked to Google Maps.

The following features have been implemented in the Datafox module:

  • FS#493 – Protocol mail in case of untypical usage behaviour
    In case of an incorrect booking, the responsible personnel manager or administrator will be informed about the incorrect booking.

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