TimePunch v3.5


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_3.5.126.1.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server350/TpAppServer_3.5.116.0.exe

Finally it’s time: TimePunch 3.5 is online!

The following features were implemented in the management module:

  • FS#920 – New booking type – on-call service
    As of this version, it is possible to book a new time entry with the on-call service booking type. The on-call time can be calculated as a percentage of the working time. For example, if 8 hours and 25% are calculated, 2 hours are booked for the employee as working time. It is also possible to export to DATEV and Lexware.

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  • FS#590 – Multiple day entries without start and end time
    Now it is also possible to book several-day time entries, e.g. for vacation or illness with the pure duration (e.g. 1 day or half a day). This makes the system less sensitive to changes in the employee’s working time model.

  • FS#998 – Overwrite the used wage type
    The wage type used for export for DATEV and Lexware can now be explicitly overwritten in the activity. This also makes it possible to use your own wage types that are not defined in TimePunch – for example, for special activities that are remunerated specifically.

  • FS#996 – New field “Additional employee information”
    A new free text field for additional employee information exists in the employee profile. Here you can enter employee data that would otherwise not fit into any other field.

  • FS#995 – Breakdown of paid overtime hours by individual months
    When overtime is paid, TimePunch now displays the months in which the employee paid overtime. This information is of particular interest to the tax consultant, who must assign the paid hours to the individual months.

  • FS#983 – Export interface to diamond software for exporting operating data
    As of version 3.5, TimePunch can export operating data to diamond software. So the booked times can be used directly in diamond software for invoicing.

  • FS#966 – Record time entries with duration only
    Previously it was only possible to enter time entries with a start and end time. In the current version it is also possible to record time entries with the pure working time. This simplifies the recording especially in the service sector.

  • FS#886 – Invoiced time entries should no longer be changeable
    Time entries that have already been flagged as billed may no longer be changed with the current version. This prevents times that have already been billed from being overwritten accidentally.

  • FS#999 – Continued payment for wage earners (13 weeks average)
    The continued payment of wages for wage earners was also extended to include bookings for illness and public holidays.

The following features have been implemented in the Cutter module:

  • FS#969 – Pause calculation in accordance with the law (configurable)
    In the current version, the cutter distinguishes between two calculation methods for mandatory breaks. In the simplified variant, all working times of the current day are used to calculate the mandatory break. In the variant according to the German Working Time Act, care is taken to ensure that the break is taken within the 6-hour working time. This means that if an employee takes a 30-minute break after the 7th hour, an additional 30 minutes are deducted.

  • FS#918 – recovery break from 15 minutes, or adjustable
    According to the German Working Time Act, a break is only regarded as a rest break after 15 minutes. Breaks during this time are purely work interruptions and therefore do not contribute to the employee’s recovery. Accordingly, breaks below the set time are not counted as mandatory breaks. Thus e.g. smoker breaks can be distinguished from the obligation break.

  • FS#970 – Default framework working time model
    A new installation automatically generates a framework working time model that complies with legal requirements.

In addition many other minor problems have been fixed and corrected.

  • FS#383 – Add duration – not the end time
  • FS#619 – Cutter logs changes from locked months
  • FS#854 – Edit start and end not possible in Spanish format
  • FS#888 – Cutter does not consider projects without selected activity
  • FS#957 – General activities are not considered in the cutter
  • FS#967 – New overview ‘Documentation’ in the Application Server
  • FS#972 – Display booking type on-call service in calendar in color
  • FS#981 – Validation problem when requesting leave
  • FS#997 – Duplicate pause entry when using the server
  • Improved performance when accessing Microsoft Access databases

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