TimePunch Patch 3.3.409.0 / 3.3.411.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.3 fixes some minor problems that occurred during different installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#930 – Bremen and Lower Saxony to receive Reformation Day starting in 2018

    After Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have already added the Reformation Day in 2018, the holidays in Bremen and Lower Saxony have also been confirmed by the local parliament. These holidays are now also activated in TimePunch with the patch.
    Hint: After the patch has been applied, a database update is required.

  • FS#929 – Integrated authentication in different networks

    The automatic registration of the employee via the AD domain now also works in different IP networks.

  • FS#927 – Error page missing in the module setup of the calendar

    The error page was missing in the setup of the TimePunch calendar module. If problems occurred in the calendar, the error page was not returned, but a general status code. The error page was now included in the setup.

  • FS#931 – UI fixed for automatic overtime calculation

    If the automatic overtime calculation is activated, then the field “Reduce paid hours” must not be changeable. This behavior was implemented with the current patch.

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