TimePunch v3.3


Standalone Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunch_3.3.314.1.exe
Server Version:http://www.timepunch.de/download/server330/TpAppServer_3.3.314.1.exe

Finally it’s time: TimePunch 3.3 is online!

The following features have been implemented:

  • FS#902 – Lock the account in case of multiple incorrect password inputs

    Starting with this version, the server has a new security feature that takes effect when a user tries to log on to the server as administrator with the wrong password several times in a row.

    In this case, the administration access is blocked and can only be activated via a confirmation link sent by the server to the deposited administrator.

    For more information see page 8 – Blocking the administration access (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#840 – Notification if a module update is available

    The application server checks daily for new module updates of TimePunch from this version on. If a new update is available, an information mail is sent to the email address stored in the application server. This facilitates the administration of the server.

    For more information see page 23 – Update check (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#836 – Login to administration from local network only

    Since more and more customers are using TimePunch via the Internet, we have added an option to protect the administration of the server against unwanted access via the Internet. In the future, it will only be possible to administer the server via the Internet with an explicit option.

    By default, the server only offers logon to the administration interface in the internal company network.

    For more information see page 24 – Login to application server (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#835 – Mails with successful login on the administration page

    In order to directly detect unauthorized access to the administration side of TimePunch, the current version of Application Sever has the option of notifying the legitimate administrator immediately as soon as a user logs on to the administration side of TimePunch.

    This allows unauthorized access to be directly detected and tracked.

    For more information see page 24 – Login to the application server (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#824 – Prompt when resetting the password

    In the current version, when resetting the password using the link “I forgot my password”, a security feature has been added that prevents employees from accidentally resetting the password of other employees.

    Before the password is actually reset, an email is sent to the employee concerned. The employee must first confirm the link contained in the email before the password is reset for him or her.

  • FS#823 – Integrated Windows Authentication

    TimePunch now also supports Windows integrated logon via the Active Directory. This means that employees within the company network are now automatically logged on to TimePunch Management and all TimePunch web modules without having to enter a separate password.

    For more information see page 20 – Automatic login with the help of the integrated Windows authentication (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

  • FS#820 – Module login without selection list of employees

    As a further security feature the possibility was implemented to have to log in directly via the user name. This prevents the suggestion list of employee names when typing in the first letters and thus the tapping of employee names by potential attackers. This option is useful if the server can be reached via the Internet.

    For more information see page 24 – TimePunch employee login (TimePunch-Server-3.3-en.pdf)

The following errors have been fixed:

  • FS#912 – Calculation of continued pay

    There were inconsistencies in the calculation of continued pay in special cases because overtime was not correctly included in the calculation. This problem has been solved in the current version.

  • FS#905 – Customer assignment during project import does not work

    If a customer reference was set in Excel for the projects to be imported, it was ignored when the data was imported. This problem is now solved.

  • FS#903 – click on the watcher icon does not open the watcher

    Due to an unfavourable arrangement of the Windows windows, the TimePunch Watcher became partially invisible when clicking on the icon of the TimePunch Watchers. This problem is corrected with the current version.

  • FS#900 – Exception: System.NullReferenceException

    In the TimePunch Watcher an exception error may have occurred. This was fixed in the current version.

  • FS#893 – DATEV export need automatic post calculation of monthly data

    To ensure that the export database to DATEV is always up-to-date, an automatic recalculation of the times is triggered in the current version before the export.

  • FS#831 – Module change not only in the App Server, but in all modules

    In the current version of TimePunch, it is possible to switch to other TimePunch modules installed on the server in each module. This was previously only possible via the detour of the application server.

  • FS#827 – automatic re-login

    The individual web modules of TimePunch now have an improved session handling, which automatically detects the course of a session and automatically forwards the user to the login page. This prevents errors caused by expired sessions.

  • FS#642 – Logon to new module destroyed or session of first module

    In the previous version of TimePunch only one module could be opened at a time. The start of the second module caused problems in the first module. This behavior was corrected. In the future, all modules can be opened and used multiple times by all employees.

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