TimePunch Release v3.2.602.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.2 fixes minor issues that have occurred in various installations.

The following problems have been fixed:

  • FS#898 – Integrated Windows Security and SSL

    Automatic login via Integrated Windows Security did not work correctly with the management module, the watcher and the Datafox module if the API was switched to SSL. This problem has now been solved.

  • FS#894 – Timeout at the autostart of TimePunch Watcher

    When the Watcher is started, employees are sometimes shown errors that prevent TimePunch from being started again. The problem could be traced back to a timeout that was fixed in the current patch.

  • FS#891 – Error quitting the watcher before logging in

    If the watcher was stopped before the employee actually logged on, an error message was also displayed. This problem has now also been solved.

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