TimePunch Patch 3.2.329.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.2 fixes minor issues that have occurred in various installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Employee selection in project reports

    The selection of employees was restricted in the original version of TimePunch 3.2, or not functional, since only the employee currently logged on was displayed. This problem has now been solved.

  • Applying the report filter

    The report filter set in TimePunch was not fully applied to a report. This problem has been resolved, especially with regard to the selected tasks. When tasks are filtered in TimePunch, this filter is also applied to a newly opened report.

  • FS#839 – DATEV Lodas Export – Extrapolation may not contain surcharges

    To ensure better transparency for the payment of wages to employees, times relevant to bonuses are only exported for months that have already elapsed.
    This prevents overtime etc. from being paid in the extrapolation, which will need to be corrected in the following month.

  • Revised error handling in TimePunch Watcher

    The error handling in TimePunch Watcher has been revised. This means that in case of a program error TimePunch handles it better and does not crash or get stuck.

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