TimePunch v3.2.325.2



TimePunch 3.2 is finally online!

The following Features have been implemented:

  • FS#828 – New Report “GDPR-Information Sheet”

    A new report “GDPR GDPR-Information Sheet” has been implemented in order to fulfil the obligation to provide information to employees. This contains information stored in TimePunch about each employee, concentrated on two pages.

    More information on page 70 – GDPR-Information Sheet (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#830 – Possibility to delete data after a period of time

    The administrator or data protection officer can now delete employees’ time data from TimePunch after X years. TimePunch offers the possibility to delete data for historical employee data.

    More information on page 71 – Perform GDPRdata deletion (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#829 – New role “Data Protection Officer” in TimePunch

    In TimePunch a new role was created, which will be the “Data Protection Officer”. The data protection officer has read access to all data within TimePunch. He can thus check compliance with the deletion deadlines and order data deletion, as well as execute the corresponding reports of the GDPR.

    More information on page 73 – Role of the Data Protection Officer (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#878 – Enable project booking via Datafox Terminal

    Project bookings can also be made via the Datafox terminal with version 3.2. However, this requires a special device setup adapted to the customer. Optionally, a barcode reader connected to the terminal is also supported.

    If you are interested in this possibility, please send us a short message to support@timepunch-info.de

  • FS#879 – Support of a barcode reader in TimePunch Studio

    The TimePunch Studio module has been extended so that a connected barcode reader can be used for project booking. For this purpose, each master data record (employee, project, activity and customer) can be stored with a booking code and then scanned and booked via a barcode reader in TimePunch Studio.

    More information on page 74 – Booking code(TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#805 – No creation of projects/activities when importing time data

    This option prevents accidental creation of projects and/or activities when importing CSV time data.

    More information on page 107 – Employee settings (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#806 – Free text field “Further billing modalities”

    In the project master data in the ” Accounting ” tab, another multiline free text field with the name “further accounting modalities” has been inserted. This can be used to record special project modalities. By default, the field is not used in any integrated report. However, it can be used to create customer-specific reports.

    More information on page 42 – Account-relevant data (TimePunch-Client-3.2-en.pdf)

  • FS#823 – Integrated Windows authentication

    In version 3.2 of TimePunch, the client modules can work together with the integrated Windows authentication. This allows a user to log in to TimePunch without entering a password. This works in the current version only with the Windows clients. We are currently working on a solution for the corresponding web modules.

    More information on page 15 – Authentication(TimePunch-Client-3.2-de.pdf)

  • FS#821 – Use of the external Windows State Service

    To prevent the problem of an early session timeout, the session state information is now kept in the external Windows State Service. This enables, for example, the use of the presence list on a pure display device, e.g. a wall monitor in the lounge.

  • FS#838 – Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg get a new holiday

    Customers in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg will receive Reformation Day on October 31 as a regular holiday from 2018. The holidays will be added with this year’s update.

  • FS#850 – Project list contains no projects that cannot be booked

    In TimePunch, the problem was that projects that could not be booked were not listed in the “Project List” report. This affected projects for which the “Project cannot be booked” option was activated or to which no active employees were assigned. This problem has now been solved.

  • FS#868 – The need to change the password must be dispensed with

    The need to reassign the password as soon as the user name was changed often led to misunderstandings in the past. With version 3.2 it is no longer necessary to change the password if the user name is changed.

  • FS#880 – Integration of the Austrian Regions

    The Austrian regions are now integrated into TimePunch as standard. The change does not affect existing databases, but only applies to the creation of a new TimePunch database. This was chosen for compatibility with existing installations.

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