TimePunch Patch v3.0.918.0



This patch for TimePunch 3.0 eliminates minor issues that have occurred in different installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • FS#811 – Project proposal NN despite existing alternatives

    If the last time entry was booked on NN, this service project was also proposed for new time entries – even if the employee was authorized for alternative projects. This problem is fixed with the patch.

  • FS#810 – Time entries with “NN” cannot be rebooked by employees.

    If time entries already existed on the project NN, employees with the rights “Employees in trusted position” could not rebook them. A message appeared that the employee was not authorized to do so. The behavior has been corrected. The NN service project can now be rebooked by employees at any time.

  • FS#809 – Wrong display of previous project hours in the “Project Status” report

    In the “Project Status” report, the total number of project hours completed so far was incorrect in the header. Only the work of an individual employee was displayed. The current version sums up the project hours of all employees.

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