TimePunch Patch v3.0.812.1



The first patch for TimePunch 3.0 eliminates minor issues that have occurred in different installations.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Report Generation Performance
    Performance had deteriorated extremely during the reporting process when using local MDB databases. This issue is resolved with the current patch.
  • Import of project Data
    When you import projects. CSV files, the start and end dates have not been correctly taken into account. The import has been corrected with the current patch.
  • Crash on New Installation
    If TimePunch v 3.0 was installed on a completely new PC, then there was an error message if the watcher was started before the client. This problem has been resolved.
  • Problem when exporting to DATEV Lodas
    If the fiscal year in TimePunch does not start at the beginning of January but, for example, already in December, the working hours during export to DATEV Lodas were not posted to the correct cost points. This issue is resolved with the current patch.

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