TimePunch Management v2.95.1115.0



Following features have been added:

  • FS#765 – Employees should be able to reassign break entries

    With the option “Employees can allocate new breaks” in the “Internals” tab of the Extras/Options dialog, employees with standard rights can now also be authorized to allocate registered breaks and to book them for a project.

  • FS#764 – Print sequence for flextime account daily report

    The print order has been adjusted to match the flexitime reports. The personnel number and the name of the employee are used as sort criteria.

The following issues have been fixed in the patch:

  • FS#766 – Daily working time report

    The report now also shows sick leave and vacation as working hours for permanent employees. The number of working hours displayed in the TimePunch analysis therefore corresponds to the number of working hours displayed.

  • FS#763 – Missing time compensation with automatic overtime payout

    The automatic calculation of paid hours now takes into account the special case that absenteeism compensation can exceed the defined overtime limit.

  • FS#751 – Synchronization with new booking types

    With the previous synchronization, new booking types such as unpaid sickness or absence could not yet be transmitted. With the new version, these booking types can also be synced.

  • FS#748 – Display of common tasks in the Watcher

    Common tasks are now hidden in the watcher, if this has been defined in the project. This setting has been ignored by the watcher so far.

  • FS#744 – Job termination

    If an employee is dismissed, the working time model is first set to 0 hours one day after the dismissal. Previously, the time was identical to that of the termination – one day too early.

  • FS#699 – Watcher starts after a holiday with vacation

    After an employee’s vacation, the Watcher now starts the last working time project. This distinction is new. Before that, the Watcher started with a holiday booking after the vacation.

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