TimePunch Management v2.95.1008.0



Following features have been added:

  • FS#737- mathematical rounding => employer-friendly rounding

    The mathematical rounding of time stamping times in TimePunch TEN has been changed to an employer-friendly rounding.

  • FS#738 – Waiting period for check-in and check-out times

    In order to implement an employee-friendly regulation if desired, it was possible to specify a waiting period. If the employee logs on or off within this time, the logon or logoff time is rounded to his or her favor.

The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

  • Several spelling mistakes have been fixed.
  • TimePunch now links to the current documentation v2.95 instead of v2.90.
  • The calculation of working days for reporting has been corrected. The public holidays in reporting were added to this.

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