TimePunch Calendar v1.95.609.0

TimePunch Calendar 1.95

The following problems have been fixed:

  • FS#687 – Incorrect display of team and/or department manager

    When you view the team and department leader, the wrong label is partially displayed. This problem is now fixed.

  • FS#673 – Group calendar

    If there is no data for a particular group type, the result list was not displayed as an empty list, but the data from the previous selection. This problem is fixed.

  • FS#670 – Business trip is booked for 3 days, instead of half a day

    If the business trip was booked from noon to evening, then Timepunch booked instead of half a day – full three days. Also, this problem is now fixed.

  • FS#661 – Missing group leader prevents setting the approver

    If a group leader was removed (by disabling the employee), the approver could no longer be set. The problem is fixed.

  • FS#650 – No consideration of visibility at half-day entries

    If a half day was booked in Timepunch Pro (without a calendar entry), then other employees could also identify this entry as a vacation day (even if you should actually see the entry as an absence). The problem is fixed.

  • FS#638 – Link in the approval mail leads to the personal calendar.

    The link in the approval mail should lead the employee directly to the approval page. This has not been the case, but is implemented with the current patch.

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