TimePunch Verwaltung v2.95.604.0

TimePunch 2.95 – New Version includes DATEV (LODAS) Export!



Following features have been added:

  • Implemented, DATEV (LODAS) Export

    Since this version, Timepunch supports the export of the transaction data (time information) according to the DATEV (Lodas) standard. This means that the times after the end of the month can be exported directly and passed on to the tax advisor for payroll accounting.

  • Implemented, Distinction between vacation and absence

    The booking type “Vacation” has been split into two new booking types. This is, on the one side, the holiday and new! the absence. The holiday will be used and paid out from version 2.95 onwards for the calculation of the salary – furthermore, a holiday of course does not reduce the regular holiday days. The new absence booking type reduces the paid work wage because this is an unpaid absence, such as unexcused missed days.

  • Implemented, Surcharged working hours

    Timepunch 2.95 can now be used to calculate the relevant surcharged working times. There are differences between night work, night work in the new day, working hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In addition, the additional times can also be used for the DATEV (Lodas) export.

  • Implemented, New order types

    As new types of orders, the employee’s assignment, the service contract and the contract of work were included.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed, FS#690 – Enter pause in current time entry

    In the Timepunch watcher, no pause times in the current entry could be edited in the previous version.

  • Fixed, FS#697 – Half day at 0 hours working time model not possible

    In the previous version, no half vacation days could be posted to employees who do not use time recording and therefore have a working time model with 0 hours to run.

  • Fixed, FS#691 – Payroll calculation on vacation over the last 13 weeks

    Also faulty in a 0 target hour model was the payroll calculation for the holiday over the last 13 weeks. This point has also been corrected.

  • Fixed, FS#689 – Report: Detailed overview

    In the detailed overview report, the start and end time of the report was incorrect and did not correspond to the selected time window. In the current version this should be correct.

  • Fixed, FS#686 – Display the duration of the current time entry in the overview

    In the previous version, the duration of the current time entry was no longer displayed. This point has also been fixed.

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