Customer data in TimePunch

These days I have been asked, why the customer data is not getting requested prior to the project data?


This is a very valid question. Therefore I would like to respond in this blog.

The most important first

TimePunch focused always on the project work. I.e. everything revolves around a project, because this is the central information, you and your staff are working with. Answer the question: “What are you doing today?”, most will answer with the project and activity, not with the customers.

Customer, Project – always?

A project is not always assigned to exactly one customer. If one think of generic projects such as “Support”, “Installation”, or similar, those can then be mapped to different customers. Primary the project, then the customer.

Projekt without customer

Since TimePunch is used not only for the project work, but also for the time tracking, there are many projects for which no customer data are stored. These are, for example, the General “work time” project or the project “Other” with holiday and illness.

Default for customer specific projects

And also for really customer related projects, there’s a solution. A so-called Default customer can be stored for each project in the project administration. This customer then automatically gets filled in when the project is selected.


No matter what request you have for your time recording, to propose the customer as the first choice is definitely a detour and complicates the operation. Therefore we implemented the customer as an optional input behind the Project within TimePunch.

In this sense, have fun with TimePunch
Gerhard Stephan

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