TimePunch Release v2.5.122.0

The current release contains the following features:

New PZE time-recording licenses
Starting with the new release the new license types can be used. This pure PZE time-recording licenses for Terminals, Studio and Watcher are cheaper on acquisition, but can only be used with the proper module.

FS#367 – Show overtime in TimePunch Watcher
Additionally to the current working time, the overtime, the monthly working time and the remaining holiday will be displayed. If an overtime Limit has been set, the user will be warned if the overtime-limit gets in reach. In that case the text background color will turn to yellow or red if the overtime limit is reached.

FS#373 – Synchronize with user role “edit”
When synchronizing time-entries no full access rights are needed anymore. If no projects or tasks are changed or created, it is sufficient for the user to be a member of the “edit” role.

Create time entry series with daytime or start and end-time
In the current release also creating time entry series with start and end-time is accessible again. As an alternativ to that, time entry series can also be created with daytime (morning, midday, evening) Input.

Removal of reports
The reports “Project Workload Graph”, “User Workload Graph” und “Aggregated Timesheet” have been removed, because they did not deliver additional benefit to the user.

The release contains the following bug fixes:

FS#366 – Correcting the current displayed overtime
The displayed overtime was misleading, because the working time of the current day has also been considered. Because of this the employee always had the feeling of getting too less overtime displayed. Therefore the current release only uses the overtime until the evening of the previous day.

FS#365/FS#364/FS#326 – Start with /principal parameter
TimePunch Profiles, the Sync-Assistent und TimePunch itself could not always be started with a different user profile by using the parameter /principal. This bug has now been solved.

FS#363 – Extended break was used despite deactivated standard break.
In the previous version the Extended break was used also when the Standard break was deactivated. This was not correct, because the extended break is only valid if also a standard break has been set. This bug has been fixed.

FS#221 – Dialogs should be cancelled with a click to Escape
In the current release all dialogs can be cancelled with a click to Escape. This makes it easier to use TimePunch with the keyboard.

Correction of the time-entry series
In the previous release overlong breaks have not been correctly created, when a time entry series has been created. For the breaks with more than 30 minutes the end time has not been correctly adjusted. That lead to missing times, if the working time model defined a longer Standard break than 30 minutes. This issue has now been fixed.

FS#369 – After modifying a profile it’s no longer selected.
After modifying a profile it’s now selected when the dialog gets closed. This makes working with many profiles easier than before.



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