TimePunch Beta v2.4.407.0

The current beta contains the following changes:

New Features:

  • Saving the logon information
    The logon dialog contains a new check box called “Remember me”. Using this field the password will be stored encrypted at the local PC. Therefore a new logon with Password input is not necessary anymore.
  • Create a new time entry series using the day time
    As a new Feature time entry series can now be created without a logon and logoff time. They will be created using the day time. This can be primarily used for creating leave entries. As an example the new entry could be created starting from 2014/01/13 (midday) and ending 2014/01/15 (evening). The concrete start and end times will be extracted from the work time model of the user.
  • Reworked analyse tab for overtime hours
    The analyse window for showing the overtime has been simplified. Instead of showing the current overtime, the overtime limit and the payout data at one side, the data have been devided into two sections. The current overtime will now be shown in a separate info area at the current month. The monthly overtime stays at the Analyse window. And the overtime Limit and payout options have been moved to a new dialog where the corrections can be entered.
  • Month end closing for multiple profiles at once
    In TimePunch Profiles a month-end closing can now be done for multiple TimePunch Profiles at once. In order to do this, one have to select multiple user profiles in TimePunch Profile and select “Month-end closing” at the context menu (right mouse click)
  • Creating a new database
    When creating a new database two standard projects are going to be created. One for recording the working time and a second one for other issues like leave or flexitime.


  • Display the starting values for overtime and illness reports
    In the prior Versions of TimePunch, the starting value for overtime and sick days have not been shown correctly within the monthly report and not for overtime report – but only for the first month. This was only a reporting issue, because TimePunch used the correct value for calculating the follow up months. The Monthly Report and the overtime report have now been fixed.
  • CSV Files, Comma Character
    When the CSV File for importing contained a Comma, then the CSV file could not be imported correctly. In the current release Commas are treated like normal characters. Only a semicolon will be accepted as a field separator.
  • CSV Datei, Project/Task character casing problem
    In prior versions of TimePunch CSV files that contained the same Project and/or Task Name but with inconsistent character-casing leaded to an error message. Now those projects and tasks will be accepted. The first found spelling will be taken and used also for the follow up Projects and Tasks, even if the character casing of those are different.
  • Expiration of the annual subscription
    The message that the license expires in 15 days , was felt by many customers as a nuisance. For an active annual subscription the ad was therefore removed.

  • Continuation an existing time entry after the break
    Up to now, if the current active time entry contained a description, a new time entry has been created after the break has ended. This issue has now been fixed. The current recording will now be continued and the break time correctly added.

  • Synchronize time entries
    When importing the synchronized time entries, the work time model of the employee has not been taken into account. This issue has now been fixed. With the fix the break times will be correctly handled if they are enforced within the work time model.
  • Storing the window position
    When storing the position of the TimePunch window the start menu at the left or right side of Windows, or an active Windows 8 Style UI window has not been correctly calculated. Therefore the TimePunch Window moved to the right, each time TimePunch has been closed and restarted. This issue has now been solved.
  • Switching the database connection with a set password.
    Until now switching the connection to a password protected database could not be handled by the TimePunch Watcher. That leads to the fact, that the TimePunch Watcher had to be restarted. In the current version switching to a Password protected database leads to the logon dialog where the Password can be entered. After successfull entering the Password, the TimePunch Watcher will use the new database Connection without a need for a restart.
  • Correcting the break time for entries that exceeds midnight
    If a new entry have been created that exceeds midnight, the break time have not been splitted correctly for both time entries. This issue has now been fixed and the break time will be splitted correctly for both entries.
  • Updating the TimePunch Windows Client when using the TimePunch Watcher
    If the recording will be started or stopped using the TimePunch Watcher, an update command will be send to the TimePunch Client in order to update the Display and to Show the newly started or ended time recording..



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