TimePunch Release v2.3.830.1

This release contains the following changes:

  • New recording mode for the Tp-Watcher:
    Using this mode it’s no longer allowed to insert a manual pause or stop the recording. But automatic breaks are still getting recorded (for example, if the screen saver is activated). This setting prevents even accidental recording gaps by stopping the time recording. This mode is optional, but can be managed central and forced for employees if needed.
  • Setting up the start-project in Tp-Watcher
    With this option the start project in the TimePunch Watcher can be set up. The start-project defines which project/task combination will be used to start the very first time-recording of the day. The start project can be evaluated dynamically by the most recently used project, or can be set up with a user defined project/task combination.
  • Quickselection of the next time recording
    If the TimePunch Watcher will be shown within the system tray of Windows, the current project can be quickly changed to one of the previous projects of the current day. This can be useful if multiple projects are alternating.
  • Reworked overtime report
    For better usage the overtime report now additionally contains the overtime compensation and the cumulated overtime at the end of the month, before the overtime gets cutted.