TimePunch Release v2.2.527.0

This release contains the following new features:

  • FS#313 – Time and date input via keyboard
    Time and Date fields can also be entered via the keyboard. The touch friendly input pickers are now only optional and can be selected in the TimePunch Watcher options.
  • FS#313 – Project quickselection
    Projects and Tasks can now be filtered by using a quick selection input box.
  • FS#320 – Driving time entries
    Driving time entries can now contain break times. This hasn’t been possible in the prior version.
Fixed issues:
  • FS#243 – Viewing issue fixed, Weekly working time in the employee dialog
    For showing the weekly working time in the employee dialog the current working time model will now be used. In the prior version always the default working time model has been used.
  • FS#312 – Handling issue: Time Entry dialog handling
    In the current version the dialog for input time entries won’t be closed, if the question for overwriting existing time entries will be cancelled.
  • FS#314 – Reporting issue: Showing the hourly work rate
    The hourly rate will now also be correclty shown in TimePunch ONE for any reports. In the prior version sometimes 0,00 have been shown as the hourly  rate.
  • FS#316 – Calculation issue: Input of break times
    The break time in entry series will now be handled correctly. In the prior version, the break time has been devided by the amount of entries in the series.
  • FS#317 – Reporing issue: Showing the weekends
    The weekends will now be shown correclty for every user within a report. Prior to this version only the weekends for the first user has been shown.
  • FS#318 Handling issue:  Project selection
    If one is loged on as an administrator and edits the time entry of an other co-worker, than the projects will be shown in regards of his account. The former version only displayed the projects that have been assigned to the user itself.

Download: https://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.2.527.0.exe

Download: https://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.2.527.0.exe

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