TimePunch Release v2.1.304.0

This release contains the following changes:


  • FS#296 – Prevent duplicated start of the TimePunch Watcher
  • FS#293 – Fix wrong rounding of the work time
  • Added a new setting for the TimePunch Watcher to prevent automatic opening. If manual Setting is used, the TimePunch Watcher can only be opened by clicking the Systray Icon.
  • Added a possibility to Manual set the paid hours per month.
  • FS#289 – Fault when opening the ListPicker has been removed

Download: https://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.1.304.0.exe

Download: https://www.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchPRO_2.1.304.0.exe

2 Responses to TimePunch Release v2.1.304.0

  1. Denis McAllister says:

    With earlier versions of time punch watcher, it was possible to enter a description as well as select a project and task; and I miss that facility

    In my set-up, my projects are my clients, and my tasks are fairly general such as “website update”, “remote assistance” – I would like to be able to spcifiy the exact nature of the work without having to go back and try to remember. Or go into TimePunch itself afterwards and edit the entry.

  2. Gerhard Stephan says:

    Hi Denis,

    It’s still possible and also a lot easier to add a description to a time entry. Just click the entry, so that the detail page gets opened. Now you can insert a description to your current entry.

    – Gerhard