Features in TimePunch 2.0

There have been quite a few changes in TimePunch 2.0

First of all is the new TimePunch Watcher, which catches the eye. Unlike the previous version, in which the TimePunch Watcher was hidden as an icon on the toolbar of Windows, meaning that it could easily be overlooked during regular work, the new TimePunch Watcher can not be ignored anymore.

The TimePunch 2.0 Watcher waits on the side bar until it is activated

The default setting is optimized for touch screen monitors. With this setting, the Watcher does not disappear completely from the screen so that it can be activated with a touch again. Alternatively, the Watcher can also be completely hidden, or always visible through a second display.

We have used an expanded working range in the Watcher in order to accommodate all the important functions for everyday work. With a few mouse clicks you can change the current activity, subsequently correct any time entries and thoroughly manage projects and activities. In addition, we can now see at a glance the amount of time that has gone into this project.

Metro Design

TimePunch 2.0 is available under the Windows 8 and Metro design systems. The Metro design, as promoted by Microsoft, is quick and lively, it’s about the content and the typography. We want to set an example with TimePunch and integrate the revolutionary design principles into TimePunch. Therefore, we are in the cycle of TimePunch 2.x, revising the whole project under these new design principles.The TimePunch Watcher here marks the beginning of such development.

Synchronizing the TimePunch Cloud
The second important change in TimePunch 2.0 is the Synchronization Wizard. This means that it can now also synchronize data with other databases in TimePunch. This new functionality can also function in offline modes. So now, employees out and about or in their home home during office hours with no direct connection to the corporate network can synchronize with TimePunch when needed – with the company or customer.

TimePunch Studio 

With TimePunch Studio, employees who do not have their own PC at work can record their working times. The typical example would be the workshop PC, the front desk in the doctor’s office or the sales counter in a shop.

TimePunch Studio is included in TimePunch PRO as an additional module in the course of the Metro transition, having also been completely redesigned. TimePunch Watcher can now also be included in TimePunch recording at all times and be subsequently modified or supplemented. Provided, of course, the appropriate user grants the rights which can be assigned in the TimePunch Profiles.