TimePunch 2.0 – Nightly Builds

They’re here again starting today: The Nightly builds for TimePunch 2.0.

What are Nightly builds?
Nightly builds are the trial versions that are based on the latest development of the software. Thus they offer an almost realtime look at the next version of the software. We would like to present you with an opportunity to look at select builds of TimePunch.

Of course Nightly builds are never bug free and should therefore only be used for evaluation.

How are they installed?
The fastest way would be to install the Nightly builds by changing the update path in TimePunch. Open TimePunch and choose “extras/options”. Then you can change the update path to Nightly builds. You’ll be notified automatically when new builds become available.

Alternatively, you can also load Nightly builds from our TimePunch blog. All installation set ups for nightly builds are available there.

So have fun poking around.

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