TimePunch Nightly Build v2.0.125.1

Starting today you can be there live and sneak a first peek at the updates in TimePunch.

Here is an overview of the most important updates:

  • Complete overhaul of TimePunch Watchers with new Metro UI and easier operation.
  • Offline synchronization with TimePunch. This allows employees to synchronize their laptop databases with the company’s TimePunch database.

Known issues in the current release:

  • The new TimePunch Watcher still cannot be used when the TimePunch profile is password protected.

I hope you’ll have fun trying out the new version of TimePunch. Please report any repeatable errors directly to http://bugs.timepunch.de (for version 2.0)

Note: Since this is still the development phase, the builds made available here are for evaluation only.

Download: http://dev.timepunch.de/download/TimePunchONE_2.0.125.1.exe

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