1. Profit loss aspect

Entgangene Chancen kommen nicht zurück - Bild von LaPrimaDonnaMost people think of employers monitoring employees when it comes to time tracking. Time tracking can indeed be implemented for this purpose as well, but there are usually better reasons to use it.

You have entered into a contract with your customer. For example, for a service that must be provided only during irregular intervals or upon request. In these types of service contract, compensation is based on the time it takes to perform the work.

Ostensibly, the interest in time tracking does lie in tracking the time work in which was performed, which then serves as a foundation for the accounting office’s bookkeeping. But this is just one aspect, because a good time tracking software offers so many more advantages beyond that.

  1. Simplicity: Even small customer requests, or orders can be booked easily. Without an automated time tracker, these “little things” usually get swept under the rug, since the manual time and effort wouldn’t explain the earnings.Ergo, profit loss.
  2. Time saving: Managing Excel tables or paper forms manually costs time. And that in turn is time, during which an employee could be working for customers. Ergo profit loss.
  3. Better planning: Using electronic project time tracking, you as an employer will see which employees have more down time in one glance, thereby being able to plan resources better. Without this time tracking, it would be another loss in profit.

Taking these points together and considering the loss of earnings from it, investing in a time tracking software is probably the best investment of the year.

That’s what our customer from the Tax Vocational School (Steuerfachschule) , Harald Stolley, says, “Being able to bring €13,000 Euros more to account, that we owe demonstrably to the application of TimePunch. Thanks to the integrated watcher, even the many little “occasionally” performed services were finally tracked and up-to-date. And the latest version clearly goes a step further when it comes to convenience. All that for a great price too! What more reason is there?

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