TimePunch Calendar v1.95.814.1

The following features have been added:

  • FS#639 – Group affiliation on the approval page

    The employee’s group affiliation is now displayed on the approval page. A click on the group opens the corresponding group calendar of the team or department. This allows the approver to look in the group calendar to see what vacation situation looks like before the vacation is approved or rejected.

  • FS#662 – Click on the employee name to open the annual overview

    A click on the employee name in the approval list opens the employees’ annual holiday overview.

  • FS#663 – Show already approved number of 1/2 days

    Using a database setting, it is possible that the number of already taken 1/2 days is displayed.

    To activate, the following SQL must be executed:
    INSERT INTO CA_SETTINGS (id, “KEY”, value) values(‘14625FE0-448E-426B-A31C-DD8A1AFC8577’, ‘ShowApprovedHalfdayLeaveRequests’, ‘true’);

  • FS#666 – Custom color selection in the calendar overview

    In the calendar it is now possible to define a customised color choice for the individual booking types. For this, a custom file with the colors can used.

    Custom Calendar file: Calendar.custom.css

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TimePunch Management v2.95.709.1



Following features have been added:

  • FS#734 – Possibility to export a DATEV after booking for past months

    Since wage payouts are often also carried out in the middle of the month, Timepunch has created a possibility for the export of Datev after bookings.

    The procedure is as follows:

    – Create a DATEV export with data preview for the current month. This export is used for payroll disbursement.
    – After the end of the month, the Ttmes must be booked out manually from DATEV.
    – The new function then creates a post-booking for the past month in Timepunch. This post-booking corrects the payroll payout for the employees in DATEV.

    In the options (Extras/Options/Datev Lodas), you can now set whether a file with post-postings is created for completed months, or whether the data should be exported as before.

The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

  • FS#728 – Installation of the .NET Framework 4.6.2

    Timepunch requires the .net framework 4.6.2 to run correctly in the current version. Therefore, if it does not already exist, the .NET Framework 4.6.2 will be installed.

  • FS#725 – Column remark in the daily working time report is too narrow.

    The comment column in the daily working time report was too narrow to be able to track the cutter’s cut in the frame work hours. The column has now been enlarged in the report.

  • FS#719 – CSV import for employees in trust fails.

    For employees in trust, the import of time files in CSV format failed, although corresponding projects have already been created. The problem has been fixed.

  • FS#717 – Display of the target working time in the Flex account report is incorrect.

    The planned working time in the Flex account report was shown including the holidays. This was not corrected correctly in this report.

  • FS#716 – Report of annual leave is faulty

    The annual holiday report did not indicate the holiday if the working time model was occupied with 0 hours of target. Only the total was displayed correctly, but total per month remained empty. This problem has been fixed.

  • FS#714 – DATEV Lodas export when the data preview is on, is corrupted.

    With the data preview on, the Datev Lodas export did not work. This issue has also been fixed.

  • FS#713 – Time entry is not aborted correctly.

    If an employee did not log out of the watcher over the weekend, the time entry was not closed correctly. The problem is now a thing of the past.

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TimePunch Server v1.95.709.1

The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

  • FS#727 – Installation of the .NET Framework 4.6.2

    Timepunch requires the .net framework 4.6.2 to run correctly in the current version. Therefore, if it does not already exist, the .NET Framework 4.6.2 will be installed.

  • FS#718 – Travel gets overwritten

    If an active travel time entry was edited in the online module, the record type was lost when editing. Therefore, when the entry has been completed, no travel time, but working hours have been posted. This was not primarily due to the online module, but to the Timepunch API, which was fixed in this version.

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TimePunch Online v1.95.709.0

The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

  • FS#724 – Exception at the Online Module
  • Fixed a problem in the online module that prevented the logon of the user at the module from time to time.

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TimePunch Management v1.95.612.0

The following issues have been fixed in the patch.

  • FS#703 – After creators update, Setup requires .net 4.52

    After the creators update, the .net framework was always tried to reinstall, even though it was already installed. This error is fixed.

  • Endless scrolling when using a slow database connection

    If a slow database connection was used, it might be possible to scroll continuously when a month’s change took place. This is a thing of the past.

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TimePunch Self-Service v1.95.612.0

TimePunch Self-Service 1.95

The following problems have been fixed:

  • FS#701 – Negative flexitime is displayed incorrectly

    Negative flexitime was shown with double minus. This issue has been fixed.

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TimePunch Attandance v1.95.614.0

TimePunch Attandance v1.95

The following problems have been fixed:

  • FS#704 – Sick without payment

    The booking type “sick without payment” was not currently included in the attendance list. This problem is fixed.

  • FS#702 – Display of the first logon, instead of the working time

    Instead of displaying the current working time, it makes more sense to display the time of the first logon on the current day. This allows the staff administrator to check whether the employee has appeared on time at work. This improvement proposal has been implemented.

  • FS#683 – Attendance list, service/smoking break

    Smoking breaks were displayed in the attendance list with vacation. This problem has now been fixed.

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TimePunch Calendar v1.95.609.0

TimePunch Calendar 1.95

The following problems have been fixed:

  • FS#687 – Incorrect display of team and/or department manager

    When you view the team and department leader, the wrong label is partially displayed. This problem is now fixed.

  • FS#673 – Group calendar

    If there is no data for a particular group type, the result list was not displayed as an empty list, but the data from the previous selection. This problem is fixed.

  • FS#670 – Business trip is booked for 3 days, instead of half a day

    If the business trip was booked from noon to evening, then Timepunch booked instead of half a day – full three days. Also, this problem is now fixed.

  • FS#661 – Missing group leader prevents setting the approver

    If a group leader was removed (by disabling the employee), the approver could no longer be set. The problem is fixed.

  • FS#650 – No consideration of visibility at half-day entries

    If a half day was booked in Timepunch Pro (without a calendar entry), then other employees could also identify this entry as a vacation day (even if you should actually see the entry as an absence). The problem is fixed.

  • FS#638 – Link in the approval mail leads to the personal calendar.

    The link in the approval mail should lead the employee directly to the approval page. This has not been the case, but is implemented with the current patch.

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NEW! TimePunch Online v1.95.604.0

TimePunch Online – for the mobile time-recording!

We are pleased to present our new growth: TimePunch Online

So far, our app “Timepunch mobile” was the only way to track working hours on the go and mobile. The disadvantage of this is that times had to be synchronized manually again and again.

With Timepunch online, working hours can now be recorded mobile without an additional synchronisation. When starting/stopping, The times are started directly on the server. Therefore, Timepunch online can also be combined with time recording at the hardware terminal or on the PC.

TimePunch Stoppuhr TimePunch Stoppuhr

By Timepunch Online It is possible, for example, that the employee perceives an away date at the customer and then logs out on the smartphone without having to come back to the company.

Of course, the online module also offers a desktop view so that the times can also be recorded on the tablet.

Timepunch Online can now be installed as a module with the Timepunch Application Server v1.95.

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TimePunch Cutter v1.95.604.0

TimePunch Cutter 1.95 – Fixed

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed, FS#696 – Dynamic pause must be calculated with presence time

    In order to compensate the unequal treatment of employees who stamp the break themselves and employees who do not take the break and work through, the current version uses the entire presence of the employee for the break time calculation.

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