TimePunch v3.0



TimePunch 3.0 is finally online!

The following Features have been implemented:

  • For the modules TimePunch Watcher“, “TimePunch Studio” and “TimePunch Management” you no longer need a separate installation – with TimePunch 3.0 you can use the individual modules anytime and anywhere over the TimePunch Application Server.
  • To make staff management even easier for you, team and department managers are now allowed to directly access the employees working hours. They don’t have to use the reports anymore.
  • With TimePunch 3.0, holidays can also be represented as a regular working day. This makes it possible to record the hours normally, even on public holidays.
  • In order to better reflect the reality for the project management, with TimePunch 3.0 project managers no longer have the right to change all projects. They are assigned to their projects and can only edit them.
  • Reports no longer need to be reinstalled after a patch update.


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