TimePunch Management v2.95.1229.0



TimePunch 3.0 is in the starting blocks! But before the new version goes online on 08.01.2018, we have fixed a few bugs of the current version with our latest patch 2.95.

The patch fixes the following problems:

  • FS#767 – Report holiday overview does show half days of vacation incorrectly

    In the holiday overview report, half holidays were sometimes incorrectly reported. This bug has been fixed – in the latest patch, even half-days are listed without errors.

  • FS#768 – Export to Excel with annual leave and sick leave report.

    Die The annual leave and sick leave reports have been revised to export only the data (without headers and footers). This will allow you to filter and postprocess the cells in Excel in the future.

  • FS#774 – Grouping and summation DATEV Lodas

    The export to DATEV Lodas has been simplified. In the future, you can group time entries by wage type and add up the times. This makes it easier for you to check the working hours which are imported in DATEV.

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