TimePunch Calendar v1.95.814.1

The following features have been added:

  • FS#639 – Group affiliation on the approval page

    The employee’s group affiliation is now displayed on the approval page. A click on the group opens the corresponding group calendar of the team or department. This allows the approver to look in the group calendar to see what vacation situation looks like before the vacation is approved or rejected.

  • FS#662 – Click on the employee name to open the annual overview

    A click on the employee name in the approval list opens the employees’ annual holiday overview.

  • FS#663 – Show already approved number of 1/2 days

    Using a database setting, it is possible that the number of already taken 1/2 days is displayed.

    To activate, the following SQL must be executed:
    INSERT INTO CA_SETTINGS (id, “KEY”, value) values(‘14625FE0-448E-426B-A31C-DD8A1AFC8577’, ‘ShowApprovedHalfdayLeaveRequests’, ‘true’);

  • FS#666 – Custom color selection in the calendar overview

    In the calendar it is now possible to define a customised color choice for the individual booking types. For this, a custom file with the colors can used.

    Custom Calendar file: Calendar.custom.css

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