TimePunch Patch v2.9.1416.0

As previously announced, we publish a patch that fixes the issues reported to us.

The installation is strongly recommended.



In detail, the following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed, FS#578 – Work can be booked as a series entry also at the weekend.

    This feature was implemented on the series entries. So can also seminars posted as a series entry.

  • Fixed, FS#594 – Manipulating entries without permission led to its conversion into work time.

    If entries were edited, for which the employee had no permission, the entry was automatically saved as working time. In the current version, saving these entries is prevented.

  • Fixed, FS#603 – The active time recording was terminated during shutdown by the watcher

    The watcher stopped automatically the active time recording in the previous version with the shutdown of the PC, even if this was explicitly prohibited in the settings. In the current implementation, the watcher completes only the entry when the automatic in and logout is selected.

  • Fixed, FS#604 – Vacation could note be booked at serial records at the Weekend.

    The series entry allows now also the booking of holiday at weekends.

  • Fixed, FS#609 – Crash when editing display filters.

    In the previous version, the edit display filter led to crashes of the application. This bug has been fixed now.

  • Fixed, FS#611 – VAT could no longer be edited in the project.

    In version 2.9, the field to the viewing and editing of the VAT in the new dialog was not taken over. In the current version, the field is again available.

  • Fixed, FS#612 – Sort the activities in the client / Watcher was flawed.

    The sort of Tasks in the previous version was incorrect and incomplete. Also this issue belongs to the past now.

  • Fixed, FS#613 – Data preview was shown in the watcher.

    In the data preview, the preview data in the watcher were displayed. After the patch, only the real posted times appear in the watcher.

  • Fixed, FS#614 – Watcher updated as you type.

    The update of the day data led to a resetting of the active input. Therefore the data is updated in the current version only, when there is no input.

  • Fixed, FS#615 – Task description was not deleted when the project changed.

    With the project or customer change the description text stopped and had to be manually deleted. To simplify the input of descriptive text, project or customer change automatically deletes the text, unless it was not manually changed.

  • Fixed, FS#616 – The import of CSV files caused a crash

    The import by CSV time data due to a faulty processing of tasks resulted in a crash. This problem no longer exists in the current version.

  • Fixed, FS#617 – Editing/deleting time entries without permission was possible via detours.

    Even if you lack permission, time entries via the copy & paste function could be adjusted via the edit dialog, or deleted. This gap in the authority has now been closed.

  • Fixed, FS#618 – The TimePunch Studio was required always a password for the user.

    TimePunch called Studio version 2.9 always a password for the user, even if at all no password has been set for this.

  • Fixed, FS#621 – Already disabled employees prevented the saving projects.

    Disabled staff profiles were associated in a project then these profiles prevented subsequent editing of projects. This problem has been fixed with the latest patch.

  • Fixed, FS#622 – Working days with 0 hours planned time were displayed as days of absence.

    Zero hour target time be deposited if the employee is eliminated. In this case, may be no more days of absence shall be displayed in TimePunch, which however was still the case in the previous version.

  • Fixed, FS#623 – Synchronization rights were missing for employees and employees in trust.

    In the version 2.9, the synchronisation rights for employees and employees in trust have been removed accidentally. Therefore, these employees could no longer use the synchronization. In the current version, these rights are the staff again provided.

  • Improved general stability of the watcher.

    In rare cases, the watcher seemingly for no reason did no longer open and could be ruled only by terminating via Task Manager. In the current patch worked so explicitly on the stability of the watcher. If these problems persist, we ask for feedback at info@timepunch.de

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