TimePunch Release v.2.7.617.0

We are pleased to announce the release version of TimePunch 2.7. This version contains many new features regarding the staff member management and permissions.



In detail the following new features have been implemented:

Corporate structures are now available (teams / departments / branches)

TimePunch can now manage corporate structures. It is possible to assign staff teams, departments and branches. Each structure has one leader and assistants. Team leader, head of department and branch manager as well as their assistants can retrieve employee-related reports, which contains only the data of the managed employee.

New permission level human resources management

Employees in management positions can be associated to the “human resource Management” group. This makes it not only possible reading the hours of the employees in the reports, but also to correct the times and to edit the staff profiles (personnel files).

Computation of overtime starting with a monthly offset

In the current version an Offset can be defined from that the overtime counter starts. I.e. If an employee works 12 hours of overtime in a month, but the offset is 5 hours overtime, then only 7 hours overtime will be counted. Up to a minimum number of overtime (Offset), the extra hours of work gets satisfied by the work contract.

Variable leave carry forward and expiration of remaining leave.

The leave carry forward can be defined variable to a date. This is most important for our customers in austria, because the leave carry forward gets defined by the starting month of the employee. Aditionally the remaining leave expiration can be managed.

Variable user logon simplifies the database transfer to a new system

In the previous version the user logon had been aligned to the name of the pc or active directory entry. This prevented the move of the database to a new Server or PC. Because of decoupling the user logon, a database move will become more easy.

New project report for the work hour accounting

In order to get a report of the working hours for the whole project-team, a new Project Report has been established. The new report contains the working hours of all project members in one report. So it can be used for accounting, when the hours of the complete team are needed, in opposite to the hours of a single Project member.


TimePunch Beta 2.70
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