TimePunch Release v2.6.723.0

We are pleased to announce the new TimePunch v2.6. This version contains many new features regarding the project management.

In detail the following new features have been implemented:

TimePunch does now contain a customer management extension

It`s now possible to add customer data to TimePunch. The customer data can be assigned to a project or directly to time entries. This can be used to create customer specific and project independent customer reports. Also the customer data can be exported and imported with CSV files.

New project light and a flag for time entries to as important

Every project does now own a project light. The status of this light can either be calculated or manual set to green, yellow and red. Additionally it`s possible to mark time entries as important. Those time entries will be listed in the project report. This can be used to get an overview of critical issues.

View/Analyse the time Budget of a project and the staff members

The already announced time budgets that has been implemented in previous versions can now be analysed per project and staff member. Therefore the remaining project time will be displayed at the time entry dialog.

New reports: Project-overview and project-report

There are two new reports available. The project overview to show a complete list of all projects. The detailed report can be used to get an impression of the remaining time budget, important issues and the customer splitting.

New dialog to enter and amend time records

We have re-implemented the dialog to enter and amend time records, from the very first beginning. All time entries will be displayed for the complete day within the input dialog. It`s not necessary to quit the dialog in order to amend the complete day.

New rights for members that are assigned to the management role

The role full access has been renamed and will now be called Management. All members of that group can edit projects and also access project and time reports of the project members. This gives the members of this role more rights and decreases the overhead for the members of the administration and personnel office.

Further enhancements

The following bugs have been fixed




TimePunch Beta 2.6 auf Windows 10 Technical Preview

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